Why do you play the game of basketball?

Russell Westbrook basketball

Why do you play the game of basketball? Everyone has their personal reasoning. For some, it’s just for fun. It could be just for cardio purposes. Maybe you do it for the attention. For some, it’s a means to get their families and themselves out of a toxic environment. For others, it’s purely for the love. It also could be a combination of multiple reasons as well. There’s no right or wrong answer.

Approaching the age of 27, I find myself yearning to get on the basketball court. I’m years removed from the player I once was of any hopes and dreams of one day making it into the league. I’m many years past my prime and one more bud light away from not getting above the rim. My body doesn’t move like it once did. It’s obvious from the numerous ice packs and foam rollers lying around the apartment as well as the illustrious aroma of Bengay that fragrances the air. My muscles are tight, bones are limber, and I’ve had some minor injuries that have put me on crutches. My fiancée tells me to give it up, hang up the shoes and let go. But I can’t.

When I’m away too long, it’s all I think about. There’s nothing greater than seeing that ball go through the hoop. Whether I’m in the gym alone or running fives, I get pure enjoyment just from being on the floor. That’s when I realized why I play. I just love the game. It’s fun and I can’t get enough of it. Whether I’m the best on the floor or nowhere near it, pushing myself and competing is the ultimate high that I can’t get enough of. As I’m writing this, I’m looking forward to getting some shots up later on today. When you’re lacing up your kicks, take some time and reflect on why you play the game.


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