Is Tyronn Lue what the Los Angeles Clippers need?

Tyronn Lue

Tyronn Lue has reportedly got the head coaching job for the Los Angeles Clippers. Doc Rivers stepped down and has since moved on to Philadelphia leaving the Clippers to find someone to right the ship and redeem the team from their embarrassing series loss to Denver.

Rumors have been coming out of the Clippers camp that there were some issues with the way Kawhi Leonard was treated while Rivers was there. It seemed as though the players who were on the team when they took a game from the Golden State Warriors were upset by the way some others received favorable treatment.

Allegedly, Leonard was selecting specific games that he wanted to rest, selecting the times he would stay or leave games and would show up late to team flights due to living in San Diego.

Superstars in the NBA, especially players who are in the top five to ten, always get special treatment. That’s part of the reason these guys decide to stay or leave. While Patrick Beverly and company may be able to call some of these things out, most are in favor of Leonard and Paul George.

So who is to blame for how the Clippers’ season ended? Doc Rivers may have played a part, but with more rumors coming out, it seems as though he wasn’t the only issue. Is this something that can be fixed by Tyronn Lue?

The short answer is no. The chemistry and camaraderie of the team is something that still needs to be worked out. As of right now, it feels like it’s Kawhi and Paul George and the rest of the team. This all feels like a player issue that needs to be solved rather than a coaching issue.

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