Thank you James Naismith for the game of basketball

James Naismith

The game of basketball was born on this day, 125 years ago and I’m forever grateful. The bright mind that is Dr. James Naismith invented the simple but clever game of throwing a ball in a basket. This game was only created because the head of Naismith’s physical education department requested that he create a game to distract his rowdy students. Naismith’s first intention was to bring an outdoor game inside but he deviated from that plan because sports like soccer and lacrosse were too physical. So he referred to a time in his past where he used to play a game called “Duck on a Rock” which led him to inventing basketball.

It’s remarkable to think that a guy who was just looking to calm his students down, created a game that is so beloved today. Naismith was nothing less than a scholar who had earned 11 degrees and really enjoyed recreational sports as a physical educator. He never got to see how big his sport became even though the notoriety or fame didn’t matter to him. But little did he know, he created one of the biggest sports in the world.

James Naismith Original Rules
Check out the original 13 rules created by Dr. James Naismith.

The game of basketball is sacred to many on a worldwide basis, especially in America. People truly love the game of basketball and cherish every second of involvement that they have with it. The sport of basketball has blown up so much that it has had the ability to employ people, take many out of bad environments, bring diverse people together, and most importantly, bring happiness.

Who would’ve thought that throwing a round ball in a circular hoop would be so much fun. The excitement, the pain, the hard work, and the enjoyment of the game is what all fans yearn for. We consume this sport in many different ways on a daily basis and I make sure that I don’t take that for granted. So with today being the 125th birthday for the game of basketball, I thank all of Naismith’s students for being rowdy but I truly thank Dr. James Naismith for creating the best sport in the world.


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