Ben Simmons Trade Update: 76ers PG Options Include Warriors, Kings

Ben Simmons

Will Ben Simmons leave the city of Philadelphia and take his talents elsewhere?

Recently, Bally Sport Network’s analyst Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson reported that the 76ers and the Golden State Warriors re-engaged in discussions to make a deal with Simmons happen.

KRON4 News’ Jason Dumas noted that the Aussie point guard has “cut off communication with basically everyone in the Sixers organization” and shared that Simmons’ agent Rich Paul of Klutch Sports is mediating the situation.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Keith Pompey noted that Sixers president of basketball operations Daryl Morey proposed a hefty offer for Simmons that included first-round picks, as well as Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman — which the Warriors found laughable.

Many have criticized Simmons’ ability to shoot the three-pointer efficiently.

Apparently he’s making changes.

Scoop B noted today that Simmons, the 76ers’ first-round pick in the 2016 NBA Draft has been working out in LA with Clippers players Rajon Rondo and teammate Brandon Boston Jr.

Will the 76ers actually trade Simmons? Some experts and Vegas oddsmakers have noted teams like the Toronto Raptors, Denver Nuggets and Sacramento Kings as trade suitors.

Betters in Pennsylvania are getting into the action in determining Simmons’ next spot.

Rightly so! Sports betting in Pennsylvania is legal and live at casinos, racetracks and satellite locations spread throughout the state.

Pennsylvania sports betting is where it’s at. According to a report from multiple outlets, the month of June saw the sports betting revenue jump 15% month-on-month to $42.5 million.

That’s a big deal!

Pennsylvania was one of the earliest states to embrace legal sports betting. Of the hundreds of online sportsbooks around the world we have reviewed, the legal options available in Pennsylvania are among the best.

The state was buzzing since last year when it set a then-record for $348.4 million in Jan. 2020 due to NFL and college football action according to Play Pennsylvania.

Worth noting: That uptick was powered by a healthy hold rate, with books holding 10.1% of all wagers for the month.

The mobile betting market first arrived via SugarHouse the last day of May in 2019 and has since grown to over a dozen operators competing for the interest of sports bettors in the Keystone State.

The state of Pennsylvania has seven teams from the ‘Big Four’ sports leagues, including two hockey teams, two football teams, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

BLOG: How do basketball and meditation connect?

basketball meditation

The joy that Stephen Curry plays basketball with is the kind of joy you feel when practicing meditation.

In his book, Mindfulness For The Ultimate Athlete: Mastering the Balance Between Power and Peace, former NFL running back Prince Daniels Jr. writes,

“The zone you reach in advanced meditation is no different from the zone you aspire to as an athlete. The experience is essentially the same.”

Not only did this make perfect sense to me recently reading it about a year into my meditation practice, but I can confirm the statement based on my experiences meditating and playing basketball.

The energy of basketball can be a lot to handle as a player. So many things can cross your mind throughout the course of one game, and the game itself can translate to specific circumstances in life.

Whether we know it or not, most if not all players experience those microscopic moments where the game literally feels slowed down. They can be hard to identify but even harder to ignore. It could be when you’re anticipating a steal, or the space between the ball leaving your hand for a shot and it going in, knowing full well that it’s going in.

BLOG: What it means to be a holistic hooper

These sensations don’t exclusively happen in basketball or in sports. We also experience them in life. Those heightened senses of pure knowing and happiness. When everything seems as close to perfect as you could imagine.

Meditation brings me back to that feeling to actually spend time with it. To understand how to harness and summon it again when I’ll need it.


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A post shared by @holistic.hooper

I don’t think any sport creates more of a pressure to perform than basketball. You’re out in the open. There are no helmets or face coverings. You play offense and defense. It’s hard to hide. Every possession has the potential to be its own epic success (you score on someone) or traumatic failure (someone scores on you).

This makes moments very critical in basketball. Whether you’re playing 1-on-1 with a friend, a game at the park, or playing with your AAU team at a weekend tournament.

Basketball players at all levels experience unique personal stressors on and off the court. Those exact stressors can consume and convince you into believing you’re not capable in those moments.

Meditation can help, and we are uniquely equipped to use it as a resource.

The Unfair Game of the WNBA and Women’s Sports


Many of us hear about the pay inequality gap between men and women in the context of the workplace, typically in office settings. It should come as no surprise that the same gap exists in the world of women’s sports – but is it even greater in sports?

Running the numbers on overall salary cap – take a look at the New York Knicks sitting on a $109+ million budget vs the New York Liberty at barely over $1.3 million.

Yes, you read that right.

The entire New York Liberty is basically making the same as the NBA league minimum ($925,000). Overall, the WNBA players take home less than 23% of their NBA counterparts. Yet, 83% of sports are now offering the same amount of prize money for men and women.

2020 was a breakout year for many in the business of women’s sports.  Consider this:

  • Women made up 40% of sportspeople but received just 4% of sports media coverage
  • Viewership in the National Women’s Soccer League grew by nearly 300%
  • Only 0.4% of sponsorship dollars are going to women’s sports

So what can we do to change the game? More media coverage and advocacy is key. Last year out of the top 50 highest ranked players, only 1 woman was part of that elite club – Naomi Osaka.  Perhaps Naomi Osaka has used her relative status to set a precedent for us all by withdrawing from the media and taking a mental health break – which, let’s face it, we can all use after this year.

It’s obvious that women’s sports are in demand by the fans – do your part to support them. Check out more facts and stats in this visual below:


The Business of Women

Ben Simmons got robbed | The Atlantic Files Ep181

Ben Simmons

Can we just take a moment to realize that the East has four of the most explosive and exciting players left in the post-season right now? The NBA Eastern Conference playoffs have been a roller coaster ride of sweeps, good games, offensive showcases, and even some defensive battles. That’s no different when it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets so far.

Before we get to the playoff updates, we have to take note that both Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons ended up getting second place in the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year awards respectively. One due to missed games the other due to advanced statistics. Philly just gained an even bigger chip on their shoulder if it wasn’t enough to already be considered an Eastern underdog as the first seed.

Then we get to the playoffs and the Brooklyn Nets have been dominating throughout both of their series so far. This isn’t far from what everyone expected, but still pretty impressive nonetheless. Even though this podcast was recorded before the game started, we also have to point out that it was crazy that Game Three of this series ended at only 86-83. What is this, the ‘90s?!

Moving on to Philly. Game Two was more of what the Sixers have looked like all season. They controlled the tempo and the game right from the tip-off and Atlanta just could not fully catch up and take a lead. Then, all of a sudden, BAM, Shake Milton happens! His resurgence couldn’t have come at a better time and couldn’t be a better definition of ‘stay ready so you don’t have to get ready.’

We’re here for all the excitement and all the drama as the Nets try to win Game Four and the Sixers go to Atlanta and try to take back their home court advantage!

Listen to the full episode below!


0:00 Intro

1:10 Milwaukee vs Brooklyn Series

1:45 Brooklyn Nets stats with Kevin Durant On/Off court

4:45 Brooklyn Nets stats with Kyrie Irving On/Off court

6:40 Brooklyn Nets stats with James Harden on/off court

10:50 Ben Simmons getting 2nd in Defensive Player of the Year to Rudy Gobert

16:05 Ben Simmons defensive Stats against Trae Young

19:00 Joel Embiid scoring stats and Sixers series vs Hawks

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Joel Embiid’s injury and impact | The Atlantic Files Ep180

Joel Embiid
The impact of Joel Embiid and his injury | The Atlantic Files Ep180

We now move on to the second round of the NBA Playoffs! Joel Embiid has injury concerns, yet again, and the Brooklyn Nets have to take on the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Philadelphia 76ers played a great series against the Washington Wizards, but they move on from the series wounded and taking a huge hit. Joel Embiid has a small lateral tear in his meniscus and it could mean trouble for him and the team.

Trae Young kept on playing his new villain role and took over New York City. He gashed the New York Knicks and took the Hawks to a 4-1 series win that left the Knicks wondering what happened.

Finally, the Nets took out the battered and bruised Boston Celtics in five games. Their offense was high-powered, but the defense left a lot to be desired. Now, they have to take on the Milwaukee Bucks, who not only scored a ton on the Miami Heat but also shut them down defensively on top of it.

In the East, this second round is going to provide a lot of drama and two very good series depending on player health. Let’s all hope they both go seven so we get even more excitement!

Listen to the full episode below!


2:10 – Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets series

3:45 – Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets series preview

9:30 – Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks series

16:05 – Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington Wizards series

17:15 – Philadelphia 76ers vs Atlanta Hawks series preview

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Wichita State guard Tyson Etienne shares how he taps into the zone

Tyson Etienne

Tyson Etienne took his game to another level last season at Wichita State. The 6’2 guard went from averaging nine points his freshman year to over 17 points per game in his second season.

He was named the AAC Co-Player of the Year and is currently declared for the 2021 NBA Draft while maintaining his college eligibility.

Tyson takes pride in is his routine and rituals, which he spoke more about on Holistic Talks: Tapping Into The Zone.

Specifically, he practices consistent meditation and mindfulness. He talks about the “comfort space” he looks to reach before games.

On how he got started meditating:

I was really trying to find something that I could anchor myself to. My faith is big in who I am but, I just needed to develop routines that kept me in rhythm; that kept me secure and safe and I just learned and started researching on the habits of billionaires and what they did and I tried to find themes and meditation was a common thread.

Tyson on what being in the zone means to him:

The zone for me is a knowing. It’s a feeling, it’s a rhythm. It’s like when your favorite song comes on. You’re not thinking about what the next word is, you KNOW what the next word is! You’re in that moment every verse, every word you KNOW what it is!

With a strong feel and pursuit of his purpose, Tyson knows that his mindfulness practice has had an impact on those around him, especially his teammates.

I’m just doing things to get myself better and put myself in position to achieve the intentions that I have but my intentions in this game will bring me a lot of financial success but, that’s not my purpose.

Describing self-care as an intrinsic process, it’s become something that helps Etienne tap into the zone and perform at the level he’s reached.

George Hill the X-Factor | The Atlantic Files Ep179

George Hill
George Hill the X-Factor | The Atlantic Files Ep179

The most wonderful time of the year is really here and it’s been great so far. NBA Playoffs heading into the great summer weather are something that just can uplift any basketball fan. Even ones that would be watching to see if George Hill is an x-factor.

In this week’s episode of the Atlantic Files, we dive into the first round of the playoffs as four Atlantic teams are all currently in the midst of some battles and even some easy series.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been breezing through the Washington Wizards so far. Bradley Beal sure has been cooking, but the rest of the team, even Russell Westbrook, has not quite gotten up to his level just yet.

Brooklyn and Boston are going through a series that really looks like an easy sweep, especially if Jayson Tatum isn’t 100% healthy for the rest of this. Kevin Durant is in playoff mode right now and has just been ridiculously efficient!

Finally, we have the New York Knicks in a tough battle against Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks. After dropping a game at home, the Knicks are going to have to dig deep and get at least one win in Atlanta now to keep the home-court advantage.

This week, we also introduce a new segment! We call this one Rant of the Week as we talk about the crazy fans that all made the news for some disgusting and disrespectful acts this week.

Hear all of that and more on the latest episode below!


2:05 – Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Series

9:35 – Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington Wizards series and George Hill being an x-factor

17:10 – New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks series

25:20 – Rant of the Week: Dumb Fans at NBA Games

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NBA Playoffs are here! | The Atlantic Files Ep178

The Atlantic Files
Property of Basketball Society and Alex Fischbein

The NBA Playoffs are here, everyone can rejoice! It does mark the end of the season, which is saddening, but at least the crazy schedule is done. Next season will bring a more normal type of season and hopefully fewer injuries as well.

A lot of people are lamenting the play-in tournament, but we love it! These extra games make the regular season more important to those playoff teams and it even makes it more exciting to the ones who may have slipped due to whatever reasons. The fact that they introduced it during one of the tightest packed schedules is the main issue, but with a regular type of schedule, this would work beautifully.

Either way, four Atlantic teams have moved on to the postseason, but two of them have to face off during the first round.

The Boston Celtics vs the Brooklyn Nets should be somewhat interesting of a series, but especially with Jaylen Brown out we all know the outcome of this one. Then, the Sixers and Knicks could be on a crash course if they both win their own first-round matchups.

Check out our predictions and more on the latest episode below!

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Diamond Johnson, Caitlin Clark named to 2021 USA Women’s 19U World Cup Team

Diamond Johnson Caitlin Clark

After competing against each other in the Big Ten, Diamond Johnson and Caitlin Clark will be teammates this summer.

Two of the country’s top freshmen have been named to the 2021 USA 19U World Cup Team.

The USA Basketball Women’s Junior National Team Selection Committee announced the nine players including five finalists who will compete in training camp for the final three roster spots.

Clark was the nation’s leading scorer in her freshman season at Iowa. She had eleven 30-point games, the most by a freshman in Division 1 basketball since 2000. Clark was the only player in the country averaging over 25 points, six assists, and six rebounds.

Johnson made her presence felt at Rutgers averaging 17 points and six assists as a freshman. After an iconic Philadelphia high school career, she translated her dynamic and dominant guard play right into college. Johnson, who has since announced her transfer to North Carolina State, scored in double figures in the first 14 games of the season.


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A post shared by Dime3…. (@_diamond3)

USA19 and UCLA head coach Cori Close said,

 “I’m very thankful that I’m not having to make the decisions for the team. I’m really pleased with the versatility of this group, with the ability to shoot the ball, with the physicality of it. So, I’m excited to get this group back together to start practicing because this is a really hard tournament to win and we’re going to have to dig deep to do it. I think the committee selected a group that can get it done.”

Johnson and Clark’s teammates will include the likes of UConn bound Azi Fudd and Stanford commit Lauren Betts.

The 2021 FIBA U19 World Cup will take place August 7-19 in Hungary.

Stephen Curry, Warriors play with rare joy says mental performance coach

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is dangerously familiar with the zone and he’s been setting up shop there as of late.

After last night, a 36-point performance against the Utah Jazz, Curry now has seven straight games scoring 30 or more points.

Curry has 37 games this season with 30+ points, passing Kobe Bryant last night for most 30-point games by a player in their 12th season or later. Michael Jordan now only has more with 44.

Earlier this season he set a new career-high of 62 points.

Laura Mitchell Wilde helps basketball players and everyday people tap into the zone.

She’s a mental performance coach who teaches people how to surrender to the best version of themselves.


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A post shared by @holistic.hooper

In her recent interview on Holistic Talks: Tapping Into The Zone, Laura talked about playing the game with a sense of gratitude. She mentioned Curry as a prime example.

She referenced the game when Curry broke Wilt Chamberlain’s record to become the Golden State Warriors’ all-time leading scorer. The announcers said how Curry was just full of joy.

“Steph’s in touch with joy”, as Laura went on to make the connection between Curry’s head coach Steve Kerr and NBA coaching legend, Phil Jackson.

Jackson was known to incorporate meditation and mindfulness with his championship Bulls and Lakers teams. Kerr won three titles with Jackson in Chicago.

Laura also gave credit to Warriors forward Draymond Green for exhibiting that kind of joy and “child-like state” while playing.

It’s no secret to Laura why teams like the Warriors thrive. Their mindful environment creates their own culture that is unique to every sports team and franchise.

An article in the San Francisco Chronicle in February highlighted Warriors newcomer Kelly Oubre and how meditation helped him find his rhythm with the team.

“So many of the NBA teams don’t get it,” says Laura.

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