George Hill the X-Factor | The Atlantic Files Ep179

George Hill
George Hill the X-Factor | The Atlantic Files Ep179

The most wonderful time of the year is really here and it’s been great so far. NBA Playoffs heading into the great summer weather are something that just can uplift any basketball fan. Even ones that would be watching to see if George Hill is an x-factor.

In this week’s episode of the Atlantic Files, we dive into the first round of the playoffs as four Atlantic teams are all currently in the midst of some battles and even some easy series.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been breezing through the Washington Wizards so far. Bradley Beal sure has been cooking, but the rest of the team, even Russell Westbrook, has not quite gotten up to his level just yet.

Brooklyn and Boston are going through a series that really looks like an easy sweep, especially if Jayson Tatum isn’t 100% healthy for the rest of this. Kevin Durant is in playoff mode right now and has just been ridiculously efficient!

Finally, we have the New York Knicks in a tough battle against Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks. After dropping a game at home, the Knicks are going to have to dig deep and get at least one win in Atlanta now to keep the home-court advantage.

This week, we also introduce a new segment! We call this one Rant of the Week as we talk about the crazy fans that all made the news for some disgusting and disrespectful acts this week.

Hear all of that and more on the latest episode below!


2:05 – Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Series

9:35 – Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington Wizards series and George Hill being an x-factor

17:10 – New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks series

25:20 – Rant of the Week: Dumb Fans at NBA Games

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