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The Miami Heat run quick-hitter misdirection action that helps them create advantage offense.

Breaking down Arizona’s scramble defensive possession after double-teaming Texas A&M center Tyler Davis in the post.

Quick-hit Raptors DHO set for DeMar DeRozan. Thornwell defends it well at first going under both screens, but DeRozan makes a great move at the end to free himself up for a bucket.

Really liked how Utah executed this flare set out of horns and flex action. Great read by Favors recognizing the switch and setting the flare screen on Forbes to free up Hood.

Tennessee does a good job here reversing the ball and entering into the short corner From there, Derrick Walker and Admiral Schofield have great patience to let things develop.

Kristaps Porzingis could have been more patient on this turnover late in yesterday’s game, but poor spacing and timing by Beasley/Ntilikina didn’t make the situation any easier.

Quick-hit HORNS screen the screener action for Marquette Misdirection + multiple screens on the same defender usually leads to a good look on offense. Howard turns the corner out of this and gets a basket.

Nice action from Kansas out of the box set to get a middle PNR two-man game with Graham/Azubuike I like how it gets Graham that wing ball screen on the move and isolates one side of the floor for him to operate with Azubuike.

We appreciated this tough recognition pass by Miles Bridges Going across his body mid-air to hit his shooter in the opposite corner. The kind of playmaking that should make his ability at the next level more intriguing Pass could have been more on point, but he got it there.

Beautiful set from Providence. Iverson cut out of the 1-4 set as initiator and decoy. False action between Cartwright and Watson. Ends with triple stagger screen for the shooter (Bullock).

Elite teams know how to get the ball inside. This quick-hit duck-in set isn’t anything fancy but it’s one of Purdue’s effective ways of getting the ball inside to Isaac Haas.

Vanderbilt uses misdirection to get into this flex action Obinna sets four meaningful screens in one play Kentucky could have been a lot sharper defensively, but it’s also a credit to the screening, timing, and execution of Vandy.

Pretty dope to me how Purdue executes this BLOB DHO set Abdur-Rahkman reads the screen the screener action to take it away, but that’s just a decoy to use Edwards as the first screen for the inbounder. Love this simple action.

One of Syracuse’s successful possessions with their infamous zone against Michigan State in the round of 32 of the Men’s NCAA Tournament. Here was one of Syracuse’s good zone possessions against Michigan State over the weekend. What makes it effective in general and on this play:

Bottom wings are extended

Rotations based on the flight of the pass

How they drop and match if the ball goes to the middle

Beautiful misdirection play by the Mystics to isolate Toliver. She uses footwork on the catch t to help relieve pressure and the dribble exchange sets up her vicious scoring move.

A breakdown of how the Seattle Storm get into their flex set using Sue Bird as the flex screener for Breanna Stewart.

The Phoenix Mercury use this play from the sideline out of bounds to get Diana Taurasi a three-pointer.