The Atlantic Files Ep161: Doc Rivers in Philly

The Atlantic Files
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Doc Rivers is headed to the opposite coast! After leaving Los Angeles he has found a landing spot in Philadelphia. I’m sure no one in Philadelphia was imagining that turn of events, but here we are.

The hire of Rivers was a quality one by the Sixers front office. That doesn’t exactly mean that Rivers is going to be able to turn around this team and all of a sudden win a championship though. Hiring a quality and experienced head coach was a good starting point, but there are way more issues to this team. What else needs to be done?

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are one game away from being crowned the champs. They’ve been destroying every team in their wake and now they have to fend off a determined Jimmy Butler and underdog Miami Heat. Other than the first two games, this series hasn’t been easy. Closing it out won’t be either.

Finally, we have Kyrie Irving making some outlandish statements yet again. He talked about how Kevin Durant is the first one he’s played with where he thought he could pass the ball to him during crunch time. If we’re being honest, does Kyrie really pass that much in general? You guys let me know!

All of that and more on the latest episode below!


1:15 – NBA Finals

10:30 – Doc Rivers hired by Philadelphia 76ers

20:00 – Kyrie Irving making some crazy statements


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