Myles Powell Scouting Report

Myles Powell
Photo Credit: Tim Lang

School: Seton Hall

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’2 195 lbs.



The New Jersey native is a sharpshooter who has the capability of heating up like a microwave leading Seton Hall. He can score from anywhere on the floor unlike any other player in college ball. He is an undersized James Harden like player who can fill it up fast. The one thing everybody knows for sure is that Powell is a professional scorer.

Powell has had noticeable statistical jumps each year since arriving in South Orange that will bare well for him once he enters the NBA Draft. His range is elite and next level, and he proved that against Kentucky in an overtime win in December of last year where he took over.

Powell had 42 points on six three pointers, while shooting 56% from the field in that game. He has a smooth release and a high arching shot that allows for him to make tough shots even with him being slightly undersized. Myles Powell without a doubt has been one of the best shooters in the nation for the past two years.

Myles has an above average slashing ability that he has improved on since his freshman year. He constantly takes advantage of opponents playing up to stop him from pulling up. A scoring guard at heart, he continues to dominate defenses not only by putting the ball in the basket, but also by including his teammates as well. He’s an extremely high IQ player and the more locked in he becomes, the better all around player he’ll prove to be on the floor. The more talent that is placed around Powell, the more complete playmaker he will become.

If it hasn’t been evident before, Myles has improved his range from deep even more so in his senior campaign.


The undersized guard has to improve defensively to be able to participate and receive consistent minutes from an NBA team. He has begun to get more and more steals as his college career has progressed, yet his overall defensive game could use some work. He must improve on fighting over screens and that includes working on his stamina. Often he is fatigued from carrying such a huge offensive load.

Powell has the elite ability to score, but he can tend to force his shot at times when he is not in rhythm. He has to be able to stay confident, but also smart. Understanding when it might not be your night and choosing your spots when struggling in a game to get efficient shots and help his team while doing the little things is something he has to get more accustom to.

Although he is a high motor guy, you worry about his impact if he is not scoring. He has above average playmaking abilities, but the New Jersey native being a score first guard has you fearing that he might end up not being as effective at the next level unless he can score at a high level.

Lastly, the main weakness for Myles is something that I’ve mentioned already which is his height. Being 6’2 and not someone who can handle the ball at a great level is gravely concerning. Powell will need to work on that handle and make it as tight as can be so that he can become a combo guard because of now, he projects as a true two guard on offense at the next level.

Future Outlook:

Myles Powell has the potential to become an effective mid to late second round pick. With the right fit, he might be able to become an important piece for a playoff team if he is placed in the right position. He must become a better playmaker and defender to succeed at the next level. He’s already a pro scorer, but has to become a more well rounded professional player before stepping onto an NBA court.

This is the last year for Myles and he just needs to prove that his height at the next level won’t be an issue. How many 6’2 guards who aren’t primary ball handlers find success in the NBA? Myles Powell will try to join the small group, but he has a heavy hill to climb. Still, Myles Powell is a player that just can get you a bucket. Sometimes these types of true hoopers, who are also great teammates, just find a way to fit.

Don’t bet against Myles Powell.


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