Jordan Nwora Scouting Report

Jordan Nwora

School: Louisville

Year: Sophomore

Height/Weight: 6’8, 215 lbs



Jordan Nwora has burst onto the scene as a legitimate NBA prospect this season due to his effortless scoring ability and high IQ on both ends of the floor. The Buffalo, NY native has taken full advantage of his expanded role for the Cardinals this year, as he leads Louisville in scoring and is one of the country’s most improved players.

He’s a great catch and shoot guy, almost always having his feet set when he catches the rock, and letting it fly with a high, quick release.

In addition to his shooting, Nwora also excels at putting it on the deck and getting to the rim, where he proceeds to finish effectively in a variety of ways. He does a nice job of attacking hard closeouts, and driving north/south to get into the lane instead of dancing on the perimeter east/west, something a lot of other perimeter players struggle with.

Nwora also has a floater with an incredibly soft touch in his repertoire, which he uses often when he gets around his man and sees another defender stepping up to take a charge or contest his shot. His high IQ and awareness play a big role into his scoring ability, as he is great at knowing when to let it fly, when to pull up for a mid-range jumper or floater, or when to take it all the way to the rim.

Jordan Nwora’s height, length, and above average ball-handling are all tools that could help him turn into a successful wing at the next level. His shooting, ball-handling and all-around offensive skill allow him to be an NBA two guard. At 6’8″, his height and length would allow him to get his shot off over smaller defenders, and could help him stay in front of opponents on the defensive end. His size as well as his strong rebounding ability make him a truly versatile payer, and also allow him to play the three at the next level. On the defensive end, he is a capable on ball and an excellent off ball defender.

Nwora keeps his head on a swivel while usually making the right read on when to switch or help, and because of his size he can hold his own switching with all five positions.



Nwora is not an NBA level athlete, and may struggle keeping up with faster, stronger wings. His height and skill compensate for this weakness at the college level, but whether that translates to the next level is hard to evaluate and is very hit or miss from prospect to prospect. His frame is currently an issue as well, as he could very well get pushed around by stronger players unless he bulks up.

While he is a smart player, he often tries to force the action and will put up some bad shots or turn the ball over. However, Louisville doesn’t have a lot of playmakers this year, so he is sometimes put in these tough situations, being forced to try to make a play at the end of the shot clock or just trying too hard to get something going when none of his teammates are able to. Still, you’d like to see him cut down on these negative plays.

While his handle is solid, it would benefit him greatly to tighten it up, especially with his underwhelming speed and athleticism. This would increase his versatility furthermore and make him a much more attractive prospect than he currently is.


Future Outlook:

Nwora was not really on anyone’s radar before the start of the 2018-19 season, but he instantly turned heads with impressive play in November and December. In establishing himself as Louisville’s go-to guy, Nwora has shown he can be an effective scorer off the bench at the next level. If he were to declare for the 2019 draft, he would likely end up as a mid-late second round pick, but could possibly go undrafted.

I personally think Nwora would benefit from returning to Louisville for another year. If he can get stronger and improve as a playmaker while continuing to fill it up during his junior season, he could end up being a first rounder in 2020.


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