Basketball is supposed to be fun

Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry Basketball

James Naismith created basketball to keep his students busy. It was a game that was created to be fun. It started as a game of throwing rocks but it evolved into shooting a ball into a basket.

Most of us that play the sport, do it because we enjoy it. However, often we forget at times how important having fun is when we’re playing the game of basketball. We get wrapped into the competition of the game and we absorb the emotions. The frustration, the anger, and the pain are all wrapped up within those four lines.

Obviously, it doesn’t get better when losing is added into the equation. That’s when those emotions that I mentioned earlier are experienced even more. When your shot isn’t falling or your body is tired or things just aren’t going your way on the court, that’s when you have to remember that the game is fun the most. Those emotions can bring your game down and even add stress to your life.

But in these moments, that’s when remembering basketball is just a game is important. We all want to be successful and we all want to win but we have to remember to have fun. The game comes so easy when you’re having fun with it. You begin to enjoy it even more. Even in an empty gym, that excitement and willingness to be there pushes you and drives you to want to get better. You feel like you have more energy and you embody more positivity towards the sport which translates to your game.  Things are going to get tough because that’s the name of the game. The sport of basketball has its peaks and valleys, but it’s important that you don’t get too down on yourself and just remember to have fun at the end of the day.


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