Nneka Ogwumike says it would be disrespectful to lower rims in the WNBA


Basketball fans who understand the level of talent that exists and has existed in the WNBA are at constant subtle war with those who simply don’t understand the appeal of the women’s game.

More concentrated marketing and increased TV exposure are some of the more practical concepts discussed as ways to better emphasize the WNBA. Some fans, likely the ones who feel the game needs more appeal, argue that lowering the rims would make for more dunks, and thus, more excitement.

WNBA star Nneka Ogwumike was asked about the idea of lowering rims and gave a thoughtful response about its implications.

If you do your homework you’d see that more women are dunking on ten-foot rims anyway. Regardless, the women’s game is being played at an amazingly high level right now without seeing posters and breakaway dunks.

Ogwumike couldn’t have stressed her response any better. Lower rims would just be another way to try and make the women’s game more like the men, which isn’t needed. Also, consider how unfair it would be for the players to adjust to shooting on a lower basket, as Ogwumike noted, simply for the pleasure of fans who don’t want basketball, just entertainment.

For the sake of respect, this notion hopefully never becomes a consideration.

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  1. […] This article reminded me of when WNBA player Nneka Ogwumike was asked if the she believes the WNBA should lower the rims to allow for more dunks and outside fan attention. Her response with perfect. She absolutely disagreed with the idea as it was just another way to make the women’s game like the men’s and the players wouldn’t only have to adjust their shooting to a lower basket but why should they change to pleasure fans who aren’t necessarily basketball fans but want entertainment. Many WNBA players have gotten questions such as this stating how they should adjust their game to be more like the men’s so more “fans” will watch and I think it’s ridiculous. Why should the women have to change their identity to be like the men’s? They have plenty of highlights of their own and play at such a high skill and speed level that any true basketball fan wouldn’t want the league to change any of their rules. But, people see ideas as the media or illogical people project them and half the time the media isn’t supporting the WNBA. https://basketballsocietyonline.com/nneka-ogwumike-lowering-rims-wnba […]


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