Naz Reid

Naz Reid Scouting Report

School: LSU Year: Freshman Height/Weight: 6’10, 250 lbs. Strengths: An old school player with an aggressive style of play, light on his feet and crafty, Reid is an efficient scorer and has shown his shooting touch can make him into an effective player on the perimeter. A capable three point shot maker, Reid obtains a

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NBA Draft

Top 5 2019 NBA Draft Prospects

This is the first installment of Basketball Society’s top 5 2019 NBA Draft prospects list. The top 5 list is based on the average rankings that all of our scouting writers have given to the prospects.  Come back next month for our first top 100 list and first mock draft for the 2019 NBA Draft. 

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College Hoops

College Hoops: Saturday’s Best Bets

Welcome to the first edition of our college basketball best bets column, featuring Pat McMahon and Alex Sadwick. While the season is progressing and we’re starting to figure teams out, finding an edge on Vegas is still incredibly hard. But fear not, as we are here to give you some free winners.   Pat: Gonzaga

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Cam Reddish

Cam Reddish Scouting Report

School: Duke Year: Freshman Height/Weight: 6’8, 218 lbs. Strengths: Shooting, shooting, and more shooting. That’s what we’ve heard about Cam Reddish, but it’s been the other parts of his game that we’ve been so impressed with. First is his slashing ability. With Cam Reddish’s size, it’s pretty easy for him to weave his way through some of the

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Iggy Brazdeikis

Iggy Brazdeikis Scouting Report

School: Michigan Year: Freshman Height/Weight: 6’7, 215 lbs   Strengths: Iggy Brazdeikis is one of the most polarizing players in all of college basketball this year. He’s supremely talented and a gifted scorer. Any time you’ll watch a game, you’ll here the announcers note that shooting a basketball is the only thing that Iggy does left-handed. You

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Quentin Grimes

Quentin Grimes Scouting Report

School: Kansas Year: Freshman Height/Weight: 6’5, 210 lbs.   Strengths: Quentin Grimes is one of the best spot up shooters in this upcoming draft. He has a pretty stroke and a quick enough release to be an effective catch and shoot player at the next level. He can also handle the ball well for a

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R.J. Barrett

R.J. Barrett Scouting Report

Team: R.J. Barrett Year: Freshman Height/Weight: 6’7, 203 lbs.   Strengths: The Ontario native has one of the quickest first steps in the country and with his athleticism he is undoubtedly in the conversation for the number one pick this June. A similar body to DeMar Derozan, Barrett has the explosiveness the defensive intangibles to

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DeAndre Hunter

DeAndre Hunter Scouting Report

School: Virginia Year: Sophomore Height/Weight: 6’7, 225 lbs.   Strengths: DeAndre Hunter’s defensive prowess is what separates him from the rest of the pack. Most players have a polished offensive game, but a player that has Hunter’s defensive instinctive ability can’t be measured. He has the size to defend in the post and great versatility on the

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Princeton Sputters in Second Half against St. Joseph’s

One season removed from the worst defensive campaign in program history, Princeton will need to continue to look for answers. 82 points should get the Tigers (4-3) a victory on most nights, but getting drilled on the opposite end to the tune of 90+ points will make things difficult. The St. Joseph’s Hawks (5-4) shot

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Amir Coffey

Amir Coffey Scouting Report

School: Minnesota Year: Junior Height/Weight: 6’8, 210 lbs   Strengths: Even at 6’8, Coffey’s is the one to run the Minnesota offense and has the ball in his hands nearly every offensive possession. The only time Coffey does not bring up the ball is when freshman guard Isaiah Washington is in the game. One of Coffey’s biggest strengths

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