NBA Free Agent Signings Still Getting No Love

It’s been a month and a half into NBA free agency and the same names keep coming up in the media. Gordon Hayward signed in Boston, Paul Millsap left for Denver, and many other stars re-signed max deals to remain with their franchises. But there are small-scale signings people tend to forget about. These aren’t

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Over and Under: The 2003 NBA Draft

The 2003 NBA Draft is regarded as one of the best drafts in NBA history. Four of the top five picks (LeBron James #1, Carmelo Anthony #3, Chris Bosh #4 and Dwyane Wade #5) have been selected to multiple All-Star games, All-NBA teams, and Olympic teams, as well as a few championships for some. Including

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Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich coachability

Coachability in great players is an underrated trait

Having an open mind and a coachable mentality can take a young player’s talent to new heights. Taking in information from coaches, players, and veterans of the game can increase the IQ of a player immensely. In addition, it can turn a player into a leader. Not everyone is born a leader or meant to

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Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry Basketball

Basketball is supposed to be fun

James Naismith created basketball to keep his students busy. It was a game that was created to be fun. It started as a game of throwing rocks but it evolved into shooting a ball into a basket. Most of us that play the sport, do it because we enjoy it. However, often we forget at

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NBA 2K18 My Player

NBA 2K18 My Player Wishlist

The NBA 2K franchise is fantastic and has been this way for quite some time. The creators do a terrific job of producing a game that gets us basketball fans hooked year after year. We expect this upcoming year to be no different, especially in their most popular mode NBA 2K18 My Player. Their My

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5 Potential Trades Involving Kyrie Irving

People are going crazy today with the news that Kyrie Irving had asked for a trade out of Cleveland. Where will he go? What could the Cavs get in return? There are so many burning questions that we just can’t answer at this stage. But, what we did decide to do is look into a

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The Dunking Community: Elevating Together

by Cameron Fields Twitter: @CameronFields_ As Jordan Kilganon prepared to do his final dunk for “The Dunk King,” the other dunkers watched on the baseline. A few others were off to the side. Kilganon was about to perform something original. The idea for the dunk came from Isaiah Rivera, a 19-year-old pro dunker from the

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Lonzo Ball

I’m 100% sold on Lonzo Ball

I will be the first to admit that I wasn’t on the Lonzo Ball “gravy train” coming into the offseason. Partially due to the fact that I slacked in my viewership of the collegiate basketball last season and also due to the onslaught of verbiage from his father, LaVar Ball. However, after 6 games of

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2002 NBA Draft

Over and Under: The 2002 NBA Draft

The Over/Under Drafted series is back. Today I will be looking at the 2002 NBA Draft. Here are the links to the 2000 and 2001 drafts if you need to catch up. The 2002 Draft had a lot of good prospects coming out but many of the top selections failed to meet expectations in the

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Kevin Durant, Golden State Warriors, 2017 NBA Finals

VIDEO: Kevin Durant 2016-17 Season Highlights (HD)

We continue our summer video highlight series by recapping the year that was for Kevin Durant, who captured his first NBA championship after shifting scenes from Oklahoma City to the Bay Area. To see our first video installment, which was a short film on 2016-17 league MVP Russell Westbrook, click here.  After a decade in

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