The spotlight of the NBA is slowly drifting away from LeBron James

LeBron James is someone who isn’t shy of the spotlight. He’s been heralded the king since high school and has been the star of the show ever since. However, in the past couple of years, that spotlight on James has changed and I think he has noticed that as well. The phrase “face of the

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An inside look at the proposed 1-16 playoff seeding for the 2018 NBA Playoffs

Throughout the years of the NBA Playoffs, we’ve grown accustomed to the 1 through 8 seeding in each conference. However, with the recent balance of power shifting West, individuals have grown weary of the current format. Instead, they’d like to see the “best” two teams meet in The Finals as opposed to earlier in the

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What Is Wrong With Jabari Parker?

The Milwaukee Bucks entered the 2018 NBA Playoffs as the seven seed with a favorable matchup against the injury-plagued Boston Celtics. Giannis Antetokunmpo was a Celtics killer in the regular season averaging 33.5 points and 10.8 rebounds per game, so all he needed was help from his teammates to advance to the semifinals. After two

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Sixers Used Discussions of Religion and Politics to Build Team Chemistry

Losing in any sport is tough. As a young player in the NBA, the only thing you know is winning. You most likely won in AAU ball, won District and State Championships in high school, and likely went to a high-profile NCAA program. Being a young player on the Sixers roster between 2013 and 2016,

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How the outcome of the Thunder-Jazz series can impact both franchises

The opening weekend of the NBA Playoffs included a 116-108 Oklahoma City Thunder win over the Utah Jazz. “Playoff P” (Paul George) introduced himself to the Thunder home crowd, and Donovan Mitchell showed toughness by playing through an injury/pain. Regardless of how this series turns out, the outcome could affect both franchises in different ways.

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LeBron James

LeBron James and the Cavaliers have to play the role of aggressor in Game 2

The Indiana Pacers took Game 1 with assertiveness and aggression. They kept Cleveland on their heels by constantly attacking. The lead got up to 21 in the first quarter and while Cleveland came within striking distance, they just couldn’t get over the hump. In Game 2, roles must be reversed if the Cavaliers don’t want to

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LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers

Overreaction in Cleveland?

We all know what happened in Game 1 of the Indiana Pacers against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the First Round of the East Conference Playoffs. Victor Oladipo went off for 32 points on 11-for-19 shooting in a 98-80 rout of the Cavs. LeBron thinks the #Cavs have to be more “mind ready” in Game 2.

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Indiana Pacers vs the Cleveland Cavaliers

What gives the Indiana Pacers the best shot to upset the Cleveland Cavaliers?

Cleveland’s struggles have been on front street this season however they’ve still managed to prevail and hold down the fourth seed. Despite their defensive deficiencies, they’re still the favorite to win this series and the favorite to make it to the NBA Finals in some eyes. That’s not too crazy of a statement considering they

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JaVale McGee

The Defensive Short: JaVale McGee standing tall

The Golden State Warriors let their defense do the talking in Game 1 of their matchup against the San Antonio Spurs. The star of the show was JaVale McGee who came out active and long on defense. He had his hands tied going up against LaMarcus Aldridge, who’s one of the best low post offensive

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NBA LeBron James and James Harden

Does the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award really focus on the most valuable player?

Is the NBA’s Most Valuable Player award really about being the most valuable? When you read the phrase “most valuable” you think of the player that’s most important to their team. If we’re calling the most heralded award in the league the Most Valuable Player award then I believe it should truly be awarded to

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