Coach Martin is awesome! My two 13 years old boys really enjoyed their training with him!

– Eileen Tung (Parent)


After 3 sessions with Coach Martin, my 10-year-old is a different basketball player. Much better at dribbling and handling basketball. Martin has excellent knowledge of basketball and knows how to coach and what techniques to teach. Very happy to have Martin as my son’s Coach.

– Rakesh (Parent)


Coach Martin was the perfect choice for my daughter! She was very comfortable and very receptive of his training and instruction. She’s very excited and can’t wait for her next session. We will definitely be purchasing more! 

– Letitia Riley (Parent)


Coach Martin has been working with my 7-year-old son for the past several months and we couldn’t be happier with the results! The workouts are intense and focus on real game skills. But more importantly, Coach Martin and the entire Basketball Society staff are amazing when it comes to working with kids. My son has such a great time working out every week that he never wants to get off the court when his workout is over. If you are looking for someone to improve your kid’s game while at the same further their passion for the sport, I highly recommend Coach Martin and the Basketball Society staff!

– Ralph Klatzkin (Parent)


I like working out with Basketball Society because every time I’m learning a new move or new trick. I’m constantly expanding my game and pushing myself to the best I can be. Plus it’s teaching me how to compete against the best when you’re playing 1 on 1 vs. Martin and Cee you have to bring it every time or else you’ll get destroyed. Overall I would say I’m becoming a better scorer.

– Tavian Alford (High School senior)


My 13-year old has been playing AAU since the 3rd grade and has never worked on the critical aspects of developing his game like he has with Basketball Society. After working with Coach Martin, there was a noticeable improvement in his offensive performance and defensive ability with an increase in basketball IQ. I highly recommend the training. Coach Martin got our son ready for High School basketball. 

– Kamryn Adams (Parent)


It is with great pleasure that I write about my son’s experience with Coach Martin and Coach Cee at Basketball Society. I am very impressed with the skills that are being taught and the drills they run. You guys offer extremely effective training sessions with my son, Chandler.

When Chandler trained with you guys last year his AAU Coach saw an immediate improvement in Chandler’s shooting and game. When my son resumed training with you after travel season, once again his AAU Coach noticed additional improvements.

It has only been 2 weeks since resuming his training with Basketball Society and he has become more precise with shooting, dominant with his handling skills and exploding to the basket. WOW WOW WOW, how amazing is that to receive results that quickly!!  I wanted to thank you for running such a quality and professional training program. I am highly recommending Basketball Society to all parents, players and coaches I meet throughout the season.

– Mirna L. White, Esq. (Parent)


Our daughter has played in middle school for two seasons and last spring completed her first year of AAU level play. We all realized after the AAU season that she did not possess the fundamental skills that she needed in order to play at the level that she wanted…several basketball clinics later we realized that she still hadn’t gotten the exposure and opportunity to work on these important fundamentals….my wife sought out several different trainers to no avail…enter Coaches Martin and Cyril…

We received their flyer in our mailbox and took a chance… how fortunate for us…they offer a first rate court facility that is fully lit for later appointments, great flexibility with scheduling and are always very responsive to questions or requests to change an appointment time. Their level of expertise, which is not reflected in their fee structure, was apparent at the first session when within minutes after the session began they identified and corrected the poor mechanics of our daughter’s jump shot (4 different coaches and half a dozen clinics over 18 months had failed to do so)….. the level of creativity in the selection of drills and exercises is remarkable….

For the past six weeks, Molly hasn’t performed the same ball handling drill twice, yet each exercise has been directed to build that skill set……its always a challenge and never boring…there have been multiple shooting exercises that have been designed to replicate live game conditions, teaching her to shoot from different areas of the court, shoot when fatigued, self-correct her mechanics when shots are missed and most importantly to maintain her confidence when shooting….. the attention to detail in her performance is always focused, there is always an emphasis on getting the mechanics right which is always accompanied with an explanation as to why the mechanics are important and how the mechanics are manifested in an actual game….

Molly has made significant progress over a very short period of time….The ultimate testament, though, is Molly’s own experience with her coaches…when I asked what she liked most about Coaches Martin and Cyril, she replied, “they’re fun spirits”. We hope to engage them for the rest of the year and for many more years to come.

– Robert Lagay (Parent)


I had been looking for an elite basketball trainer to work with Nick that was close to home and when I heard about Basketball Society, I decided to give them a try.  Nick loved the training starting with his first session.

My son who is going into 6th grade. He plays point guard and shooting guard and Coach Cyril was a perfect match because of his understanding and knowledge of guard play. Coach Cyril is a knowledgeable elite basketball trainer and a very skilled ball handler himself and is able to demonstrate different dribbling techniques and drills to my son, which makes learning them much easier. The drills he puts my son through are intense yet fun and the improvement in my son’s game after just a few weeks of training with Coach Cyril is noticeable. Best of all, my son enjoys training with Coach Cyril and looks forward to each session!

It was clear that Coach Martin was extremely knowledgeable about the game of basketball having played college ball himself. The drills he puts Nick through are extremely intense and he pushes him to perform at his highest level, but in a respectful and motivating fashion.  I was impressed at Coach Martin’s ability to communicate different basketball drills and techniques in simple language that Nick understood.  Further, Coach Martin often demonstrates the drills before asking Nick to perform them, which is a good teaching technique for an 11-year old player.  He also explains the purpose of each drill and how it translates into his gameplay.  The training sessions begin with a series of warm-up drills followed by intensive drills (ball-handling, shooting, pick & roll, footwork, finishing at the room, passing, etc.) performed in a fashion that builds not only skill, but strength. I have been thoroughly impressed with Coach Martin and would highly recommend him anyone who is looking to become a better basketball player.

– Dave Johnson (Parent)