Basketball Society

Founded in 2014, Basketball Society is a multimedia network of influencers and contributors who aim to provide diverse and insightful basketball content, coaching, and culture.

As an opinion-based writing platform, we offer an enthusiastic and engaging space for basketball heads. We expect our contributors to use and develop their natural skill sets in ways that promote the game of basketball. We encourage our writers to put their everyday thoughts and conversations about hoop into constructive and useful articles.

We have co-hosted events and cover basketball events as credentialed media.

Basketball Society Elite Training was launched in 2015. We have trained hundreds of kids in that time focusing mainly on individual 1-on-1 training sessions. We also consult and run team practices and clinics, including a free clinic in Accra, Ghana hosted by our founder Martin Soaries in October 2016. We have worked with players from nationally ranked AAU programs out of central New Jersey, including the NJ Bulldogs.

Our mission is to be a meaningful, credible representation of basketball media and development around the world.

Find us on Twitter @BBallsociety_ and on Instagram @basketballsociety_

Founders – Martin Soaries, Cyril Mpacko

Inquiries – BJ Boyer (

Not only is there more to life than basketball, there’s a lot more to basketball than basketball” – Phil Jackson