I Love Basketball

I love basketball metta world peace

I Love Basketball…

A simple statement but yet a powerful one.

Metta World Peace at the age of 36, in his 17th season made this three word statement that stuck with me and I’m sure many basketball fans all around the world.


It’s such a relatable quote that’s not said enough. Many people say they enjoy basketball and that “basketball is life” but do they love it?!

I wonder what sparked World Peace to say those three words at that exact moment. Was it the fact that he got to the free throw line? Or was it a real life revelation that he’s still playing in the NBA 17 years in at the age of 36? I’m not sure what it was but I’m happy he made that statement because he made me realize that it’s something I don’t say enough.

Basketball has been a true friend to me. A scapegoat and a therapist. It was a dream and it still is… Something I’m still striving to pursue at 25 years of age. I didn’t become the NBA player that I inspired to be years ago but I’m still looking to make an impact in the game. It’s something that I wake up at 4:30 a.m. to do simply because I do truly love it.

Us as players and fans sometimes take the game for granted. We don’t realize what the game has given us and what it has done for us. It has fed people, taken people out of bad situations, cared for some, and has been there when no one wasn’t. It’s something that we do for fun, that we enjoy but don’t realize how much enjoyment it brings us.

The game of basketball is similar to that of someone that we truly care for. Sometimes they do so much for us that we forget how much they truly mean to us. And something happens that makes us realize that we don’t tell them how much we care for them.

Well, Metta World Peace was that something that made me aware I haven’t shown my proper gratitude. This might sound crazy to some but those are the people that believe that basketball is just a game. To us, its more than a game. It’s a friend, it’s a scapegoat, it’s a therapist, and its many more other things.  So when you’re out on that floor having the best game of your life or the worst game ever… Or if you’re coaching, scouting, writing, or just watching and enjoying a game… Don’t forget to just simply say three words.

I love basketball. 


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