Lakers Lair: Debut Episode-Off-season recap and pre-season hype

Los Angeles Lakers
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Welcome, all Laker Nation and even those who have not found the way yet and need to be convinced! We are here and we are not going anywhere. The debit podcast of the Laker Nation with co-hosts B.J. Boyer and myself (Randy King) is now upon us. In this podcast, several topics of discussion regarding the famed Los Angeles Lakers were discussed.

The 2018-2019 NBA season is fast approaching and there is no other team in the NBA that needs to return to relevancy than the Los Angeles Lakers. Thank you, LeBron James, for making that happen.

However, LeBron isn’t the only Laker that Lakers fans should be excited for next year. B.J. and myself touched on who the most important Laker not named LeBron is next season:

“I think it has to be Ingram. ..uring his rookie season he would have moment every month where it’s like ‘wow, it’s justified that we took him No. 2. Then last season, they seemed to come once every week, before he got hurt. Now, this season it’s about them happening damn near every night.” – B.J. Boyer

With the hype that is around this team, B.J. and I also discussed the weighted pressure that is now on head coach Luke Walton:

A lot of the coaches in the NBA have pressure, but not to the extent of living in Los Angeles and coaching the Los Angeles Lakers, there is going to be the expectation that ‘alright you have to compete for a championship every single year’. – Randy King

Seems like some members of social media agree:

There were several other key topics that were discussed but I won’t leave you in too much suspense any longer. Enjoy!


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