Jimmy Butler’s best moments with Jordan Brand (PHOTOS)

Jimmy Butler
Photo via: GQ

After a nearly five-year partnership, Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler and Jordan Brand have mutually agreed to part ways, well before the originally planned Sept. 30, 2020 expiration date. Although Butler’s days with Jumpman may be over, it doesn’t mean we can’t take a stroll down memory lane and look at some of the four-time All-Star’s finest moments with JB. So what were Jimmy Butler’s best moments with Jordan Brand? 

Air Jordan 4 “Lightning”

Jimmy Butler

Not only is Butler rocking heat on his feet, but you’ve got to admire the drip as well. A simple, yet clean look that’s perfectly accented by the kicks. Bravo.

(One of my grails was always the “Thunder” 4’s, which is obviously a companion to the much-rarer “Lightning” models. How exclusive are the “Lightning” 4’s you ask? Well, listings on Flight Club start at $1,250).

Air Jordan 4 “Eminem x Carhartt”

Jimmy Butler
(Getty Images)

Playing in a pair of $20K Air Jordan’s is a pretty significant flex, but when your contract pays you $32.7M annually, you can more than afford to show off. That’s exactly what Butler did in 2018 during a showdown with his former Chicago Bulls, flashing a pair of Jordan 4’s that were issued to only family and friends in addition to being auctioned off in 2015 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Eminem’s Shady Records.

Air Jordan 32

Jimmy Butler
Photo via: Getty Images
Jimmy Butler
Photo via: Jordan Johnson (Getty Images)

Butler didn’t always get laced with the sexiest of PE’s, but I’m a fiend for his Jordan 32 lows. In my opinion, Jimmy’s run in the Jordan 32 is underrated, but that’s a conversation to be had another time.

Jordan 4 “Wahlburgers”

Jimmy Butler
Photo via: NBA.com

This was not intended to be a list dominated by the Jordan 4, although it appears to be trending that way. I guess they were one of Butler’s preferences. Anyways, Butler is rocking a Jordan 4 that currently ranges between $15-35K on StockX.

The Wahlburger 4’s are a byproduct of actor Mark Wahlberg’s longstanding relationship with Jordan Brand. Wahlberg debuted the sneaker, which was inspired by his Wahlburger’s restaurant, and they were eventually distributed to family and friends. Butler and Wahlberg are boys, so it’s easy to see how Jimmy got his hands on a pair.

Oh, the fit is clean too.

Air Jordan 3 “White Cement”

Air Jordan 3
Photo via: Kicks on Fire

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include the classics on this list. What makes this even better is that Butler pulled these out during a preseason game against the Indiana Pacers back in 2016. With the original Nike Air emblem on the back, you can tell Butler was trying to make a statement.

Air Jordan 5 “Quai 54”

Air Jordan 5
Photo via: Nice Kicks

Butler rocked these Jordan 5’s that are inspired by Jordan Brand’s French held Quai 54 International Streetball Tournament during his time with the T’Wolves, and I personally love the complimentary socks. They just add some extra spice.

Union x Air Jordan 1 “Los Angeles”

Air Jordan 1
Photo via: Instagram (@jimmybutler)

When I went back and looked at this picture on Butler’s Instagram, I saw that I commented “elite feets,” and that statement couldn’t be any truer today.

Here Butler is rocking one of the hottest sneaker releases of 2018, a pair of Air Jordan 1’s that are currently seeing a size 11 go for $1,500 on Flight Club.

The Union x Air Jordan 1 “Los Angeles” blends different Air Jordan 1 colorways together while nodding to thrift culture with stitch marks that stand out.

Air Jordan 10 “Timberwolves” PE

Air Jordan 10
Photo via: Ronald Cortes (Getty Images)

Jimmy started his stint with the Timberwolves in these Jordan 10 PE’s, which are pretty tough. I remember strolling through campus during my freshman year of college in the “Steel” 10’s, and I vowed never to underrated 10’s ever again in my life as I relished in the comfort my feet were in.

Butler’s personal logo is on the tongue of the left shoe, which is pretty slick. Butler could later be seen rocking the same pair last year during his lone season with the Philadelphia 76ers in a game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Do you remember any finer moments for Jimmy Butler with Jordan Brand? Feel free to let me know on Twitter @wcb94, and we’ll have to keep a pulse on who Butler will be partnering with next as he continues to test the sneaker free-agent waters.


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