Lakers Lair Ep. 11: Insight on the Anthony Davis to the Lakers rumors


At the age of 25, Anthony Davis has become one of the most dynamic popular trade targets in recent memory. A part of the DNA that has enveloped the winning culture for the Los Angeles Lakers has always been around a dominant big man. With that said, it would make sense that the Lakers have zeroed in on Davis to carry on the tradition of winning and being the man in the middle to bring home a championship.

Even LeBron James has been involved in these discussion.

In this episode of the Lakers Lair, hosts BJ Boyer and Randy King were welcomed by our own Basketball Society insider Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson. Scoop would go on to discuss the several factors that entertain the possibility of the Lakers bringing in ‘The Brow’.

“Davis is a stud. Him signing with Klutch and having the same agent as Lebron, rich paul, there’s a connection there. You see tyson chandler who is a big man on the lakers and he has a relationship with Davis. also The structure of the Kentavious caldwell-pope deal. – ‘Scoop’

All these factors light the spark in the wildfire that is the Davis sweepstakes. Assuming the Lakers can package together a deal to pull the big man away from the supermax contract that he is eligibe for in 2020 with the Pelicans, then championships are on the horizon for the purple and gold.

Scoop would discuss another Laker target, Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant, and what his possible move t the Lakers would mean throughout the rest of the NBA.

He (durant) is in the same position as lebron was in in 2010. the next team he joins is going to dictate what happens in the next 3-5 years, throughout the entire nba.  the lakers appear to be the next wave. you saw it first with the celtics, then you saw it with the heat, then the warriors, and it looks like your about to see it with the lakers. – Scoop

As much fun as it is to discuss and imagine the future of the Lakers, the heads of Lakers fans can be removed from the clouds (momentarily), and focused on the task at hand which is winning games that are in front of them. The Lakers would return home from a three-game road trip when they took on the Hornets, the Wizards, as well as the Brooklyn Nets.

As great as the Lakers have been all season, they would stumble on the road. They would start off on the right foot with a 128-100 blowout victory over the Hornets. That was as good as it would get for the Lakers, losing consecutive games to the Wizards and the Nets.

The washington loss was an annoying one becuase we just came out with absolutely no energy. Wall played his best game of the season so it was a tough loss to swallow. against Brooklyn it was tough as well, big shot making from De’angelo russell but the most frustarting part was jared Dudley would offer 10 points in the fourth quarter. – bj boyer

After recieving Laker of the week honors from one of our hosts, Lonzo Ball would be the focus of another segement. The discussion that was had, related to the recent article on Basketball Society article about how the Lakers made the wrong decision taking ball over sophomore sensation De’Aaron Fox.

i thnk fox’s play-style fits better than ball’s does. Lebron seems to perform better when he has scoring guards. you saw him struggle in his first few years in cleveland without much help. then he goes to miami with dwayne wade and he gets that help with an elite level scorer, then he goes to cleveland with kyrie and you obviously now the success that he had there. it makes sense to have a scoring guard next to lebron and the lakers aren’t going to get that with ball. – Randy king

More topics were discussed in this episode along with much more key insider information from Scoop. Listen and find out more about the state of the Lakers from King and Boyer. So, find a comfy seat as we welcome you inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!


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