Kobe Bryant sends a message to Pau Gasol in “The Redeem Team” Netflix preview clip


The first look at Netflix’s “The Redeem Team” documentary is a clip featuring Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol.

Kobe and Pau were teammates on the Lakers when their national Olympic teams, USA and Spain, would meet in the 2008 gold medal game in Beijing. This was one of the big storylines going into the game.

The preview clip from the Netflix documentary shows Kobe being interviewed about the dynamic with his friend and teammate Pau Gasol going into the gold medal game, and shows him hugging and talking with Pau in a gym.

Gasol tells a story about how Kobe visited him and his Spain teammates one night, which they all appreciated, but admits he feels that was a tactic to soften him up before the game.

The message that Kobe sent to his Laker teammate in that gold medal game was demonstrative. It was “the first play of the game” as LeBron James recalls in the documentary, and it gave Bryant’s teammates the confidence that they would undoubtedly beat Spain.

“The Redeem Team” documentary his on Netflix on October 7.


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