The Atlantic Files Ep129: Brookyln Nets Super Team

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Yes, we know that the NBA Finals are currently taking place, but all of the rumors for free agency and the NBA Draft are heating up and the Brooklyn Nets are at the center of it all! Allen Crabbe has finally been shipped out of Brooklyn and it frees up tons of money as well as brings in a solid talent in Taurean Prince.

As you can probably guess, Mike is extra hype for this trade and Alex has to try and keep the expectations something remotely close to realistic. There still is a little bit of Finals talk about how the Toronto Raptors are dominating this series and Kevin Durant’s next game may be played in a different uniform. Oh, also Klay Thompson might just want to go to Philadelphia and leave all of this in the rearview mirror after this Finals.

Topic rundown:

1:15 – Thoughts about the NBA Finals

6:30 – Toronto Raptors role players better than Golden State’s

8:05 – Warriors investor banned

9:55 – Nick Nurse proving his worth

11:30 – Finals predictions changing now?

14:45 – Taurean Prince to Brooklyn

18:30 – Brooklyn going to be better than Philly next year?

20:30 – What would a Sixers team look like with Klay

24:40 – Rutgers vs Pitt

29:00 – Kawhi Leonard makes Clippers a real contender

31:00 – Who’s better, Clippers or Nets?

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