Top Shooting Guards in the 2019 NBA Draft

2019 NBA Draft

As we close in on the 2019 NBA Draft, Basketball Society will continue to provide you with all of the analysis and news you need to prepare yourself for the draft.

Lately, we’ve been rankings players by position, class, and skill. Here are some of the articles that we’ve already put together, give them a read!

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Who are the best shooters in the 2019 NBA Draft?

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Today, we’ll be looking at the top shooting guards from this draft class. Please, again, keep in mind that some players that aren’t below we may have listed at different positions including RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish.


Honorable Mentions:

D’Marcus Simonds

Zach Norvell Jr.

Cody Martin

Fletcher Magee

Terence Davis

Adam Mokoka

Kyle Guy

Kerwin Roach Jr.

CJ Massinburg

Charlie Brown Jr.


10. Jordan Poole

The best bag we’ve seen from a college player in quite some time. Jordan Poole keeps the ball on a string at an elite level and has a wide array of moves he can go to to get him by his defender. There were stretches where Poole was shooting close to 50% from deep while other times where he wasn’t hitting much at all. He finished shooting 37% from beyond the arc which is a solid mark, but if he could shorten those cold stretches, he will be such a great add for a team due to his combo guard ability.

9. Talen Horton-Tucker

It was a tough year for THT which ended in being benched in Iowa State’s final game in the NCAA Tournament. He wasn’t hitting shots, struggled to keep up defensively, and wasn’t a positive contributor on offense. That was a good representation of his performance throughout the season unfortunately. With that still being the case, Horton-Tucker showed us the player he could be. He’s a bully when attacking the hoop, has a nice dribble package, and has the capability to defend wings with quick feet despite his weight. He’s got a high ceiling which will make him an attractive 2nd round pick.

8. Luguentz Dort

In a draft where there is so much uncertainty, someone like Luguentz Dort would be a positive pick. He is one of the most intelligent slashers in the game as he fills open cutting lanes like not many others. He is also a terrific on ball defender. Dort is built like a tank and moves his feet incredibly well. There are still concerns though as he will struggle from deep early on and isn’t the most incredible finisher, but the defense and cutting are two things that we know he can do so well. That might be enough to earn him a 1st round pick in our eyes.

7. Matisse Thybulle

By now, you should’ve heard the rumor that Thybulle has a draft promise from the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s a 1st round talent, without a doubt. The reason why we have him as far down as 7th is two fold. First, there’s a concern with how his defense will transition to the NBA given how he played up top in the 2-3 zone at Washington. The 2nd reason is his offensive limitations, particularly his inability to finish with his left hand. With all of that being said, he is going to be absolutely incredible off ball defensively and a solid set three point shooter.

6. Keldon Johnson

Keldon Johnson was very solid this year. He shot well from the floor and specifically from 3 point range (38.1%). We were expecting just a bit more from him given that he only had 6 games with over 20 points scored. Keldon has a lot of talent and just needs to put on a little more muscle for him to be able to contribute to an NBA team right now. He’s a borderline lottery pick this year.

5. Tyler Herro

Since our article on the best shooters in this draft, where we have Tyler Herro 2nd, we have been watching more and more film on him. He’s an underrated finisher (65.5% at rim) and moves pretty well off-ball. Any team will welcome his incredible talent offensively as he’s still just 19 and only getting better.

4. Nickeil Alexander-Walker

Being a combo guard is such a vital skillset to have in today’s NBA. Nickeil Alexander-Walker showed it during his time at Virginia Tech alongside Justin Robinson. NAW averaged over 4 assists and 4 rebounds a game while consistently putting up points at an efficient rate. While his release is a little slow, lots of teams could use his abilities. He’ll be selected in the top 16 or so in this draft.

3. Romeo Langford

While it was somewhat an underwhelming season for Romeo Langford, he showcased some terrific finishing and hit some clutch shots. Indiana didn’t have the talent necessary to compete with some of the top tier teams in the nation, but Romeo continued to show creator ability as a scorer all season long. His 27.2 3PT% mark was very unimpressive, but there’s still so much left uncovered in his game.

2. Kevin Porter Jr.

We’ve talked about disappointing shooting seasons from some players on this list, but not sure any of those concerns match up to the confusion that we had to deal with from Kevin Porter Jr.. At certain points we thought he might not play again due to problems with the team or injury, but he continued to come back. When he did play, while the percentages aren’t all that glamorous, we saw a future NBA star within. KPJ has the quickest snatch back we’ve maybe ever seen from a college player and a full ability to create for himself. He’ll need to go to the right organization and scenario to make that a reality, but it’s not out of reach.

1. Jarrett Culver

This was an easy one for us (when we decided that we were going to label Culver as a shooting guard). Jarrett Culver continued to show us the ability to slash, create for his own, and defend at an unbelievably high level. He shot really well from inside the arc and showed the ability at times to hit the outside shot. He’s going to be a top 5 pick and most of us here at Basketball Society actually think of him as the 2nd best prospect in this draft. Jarrett Culver will be a terrific NBA player.


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