Top Point Guards in the 2019 NBA Draft

2019 NBA Draft

There’s not much time left until the NBA Draft and today we decided to come up with a list of the top point guards in the 2019 NBA Draft. Recently we’ve been putting together a list of some of the best players based on a specific component for this draft. Here are some of those articles you can read:

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We’ll start with providing you with a list of some guys who just barely were left off of the list then begin our countdown for who we believe are the 10 best point guards in the draft. Don’t panic if you don’t see a player listed here, it’s very likely that we listed them at a different position. Kerwin Roach Jr. and Luguentz Dort are good examples.


Honorable Mentions:

Jalen Lecque

Jordan Bone

Justin Robinson

Jaylen Hands

Jaylen Nowell

Josh Perkins

Chris Clemons

Matt Morgan

John Konchar

Shizz Alston

Lamar Peters


10. Jared Harper

Choosing the player who should slot in at 10 was extremely tough. Jordan Bone and Jalen Lecque were just on the cusp of making the list, but we went with Harper because of how big he came through for Auburn during the NCAA Tournament. He’s clutch, a terrific scoring guard, and just needs to continue to show a certain level of intensity on the defensive end to make it at the next level.

9. Arturs Zagars

Arturs Zagars broke out at last summers U18 tournament and then played in Spain’s second division. He is a point guard with elite quickness on the offensive end who pairs it well with a high basketball IQ and a mature reading of the pick and roll. He can shoot well and has the ability to make shots both on and off ball. Zagars is one of the most fun players to watch due to his craftiness and creativity with the ball in his hands.

8. Tremont Waters

It’s truly a shame that we have Tremont Waters this low. He is arguably the smartest and best passing point guard in this draft. If he was bigger, he would be so much higher on this list. Still, he is one of those players that has absolutely no quit in him. Waters is going to find a place in this league and will be a household name soon.

7. Ky Bowman

Ky Bowman is an electric point guard who was the key player for Boston College these past 2 years. He’s quick, a good finisher, and extremely athletic. The quick feet he possesses and above average playmaking ability will earn him a spot on a roster. We would be surprised if a team doesn’t take him on draft night.

6. Shamorie Ponds

Shamorie Ponds is hard to stop when attacking down-hill. He’s not the fastest player in the open court, but he’s certainly crafty. He’ll use a plethora of moves to create the space he’s needed to get his shot off and he’s deadly. The game he had against Tre Jones was the reason why Ponds isn’t higher on this list given how he was unable to be impactful on the court. A huge plus we can take from his play this past season was that he raised his 3PT% by 10%. He’ll be on an NBA roster next year.

5. Carsen Edwards

While we wait for Tre Waters to turn into a household name, Carsen Edwards already is one. Edwards put on jaw dropping performances game after game during the NCAA Tournament as Purdue made their run. He’s tough on defense and, again, dominant on offense, but the one concern is his playmaking ability. If he starts to show us a little more as a creator for others, we can see him being an essential player for any team.

4. Ty Jerome

Not many people out there are confident to claim Ty Jerome as a point guard, but his creation ability and defensive versatility have us pegging him as a lead guard. He might not look like the strongest player out there on the court, but his defensive fundamentals and hustle make up for it on that end when guarding bigger players. Jerome’s leadership capabilities and shooting were showcased all throughout the tournament on the way to Virginia’s championship. We see him as a 1st Round pick.

3. Coby White

We’ve enforced this over and over again, but we want to say it again; the improvements that Coby White had made throughout his freshman campaign were some of the best we’ve seen from anyone at the college level. He’s more of a scoring guard, but has the handles and creation ability to be a point. He’ll have to work on his passing, but you’ll be hearing Coby White’s name in the top 10 in this draft.

2. Darius Garland

Although it was a shortened season for him, Darius Garland showed us enough to put him in consideration for an early 1st round pick. His shooting ability and ball handling was on display. While Coby White is better at attacking the rim, Garland is certainly the better shooter. He’s already shown us that he has NBA range in his short stint at Vanderbilt. Garland will be selected in the top 10 and don’t be surprised if he moves into the top 5.

1. Ja Morant

While we here at Basketball Society are not as high on Ja Morant as most, his passing ability is unmatched. He makes skip passes that only Tre Waters can match out of the point guard class this year. His athleticism is certainly eye catching and it’s the hang-time he showcases when finishing at the rim that is even more impressive. It seems pretty clear that among NBA teams, they see him as the 2nd best prospect, so there’s no doubt that he’ll be selected 2nd overall following Zion in this year’s NBA Draft.


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