Who are the best seniors in the 2019 NBA Draft?

2019 NBA Draft

The 2019 NBA Draft will be on June 20th this year. Before the Draft, we’ll be running through a list of some of the best players by position and even by class. Over a month ago, we looked out who the best shooters were in this draft class. You can see the list here:

Who are the best shooters in the 2019 NBA Draft?

Today, we’ll be looking at the best seniors in the draft. While it isn’t as prominent of a group as we’ve seen in the past, there are some still big names who will surely have an impact in the NBA.


Honorable Mentions:

Juwan Morgan

Josh Perkins

Markis McDuffie

Jordan Caroline

Chris Silva

Terence Davis

Barry Brown Jr.

Robert Franks

Justin Wright-Foreman

Justin Robinson

Matt Morgan

Makai Mason

Quinndary Weatherspoon

James Palmer


20. Tacko Fall

We’ll start it off with one who’s received a lot of attention lately given how he measured at the combine and how big he is. While many other outlets see him being drafted and as a top senior prospect, we just don’t see him as having much future value in the league. Best case scenario, he plays around 10 minutes in the league and just dominates offensively in the way Boban does at times. He still doesn’t have the touch Boban has though.

19. Nick Perkins

A straight bully, Nick Perkins is a player this is so tough to handle on the offensive end. He edged out others to make this list mainly due to his terrific performance at PIT. He showed us the ability to extend out to the NBA 3 as well as being able to switch on defense. We have him not being selected in the draft, but expect him to make some noise during Summer League.

18. Dean Wade

Although injuries hampered Dean Wade’s collegiate career, he still has value as a stretch big at the next level. His shot is picture perfect and if he can stay on the court, he could truly make a mark in the NBA.

17. CJ Massinburg

CJ is the 2nd Buffalo senior on this list and deservedly so. He was the best scorer on one of the best teams in the nation for the past couple of years. Massinburg has the potential to be a very solid 3 and D player in the NBA.

16. Chris Clemons

Here slotted is a 5’9 guard from Campbell and one of the best scorers in college basketball history, Chris Clemons. Clemons was a 3,000 point scorer in college and finished 3rd all time in points just behind Pete Maravich and Freeman Williams. His athleticism and leadership skills will find him much success in pro ball, wherever he winds up.

15. Caleb Martin

Caleb Martin had somewhat of a disappointing end to his college career given the horrible shooting performance against Florida in the 1st Round of the NCAA Tournament. His shot form makes you cringe a bit, but there’s still no denying his amazing scoring ability. He’ll find his spot on a Summer League roster to prove his worth.

14. Josh Reaves

Josh Reaves is a player that has been impressing teams with his defensive ability. That shouldn’t be all that shocking given the fact that he won the Big Ten DPOY award. He especially showed that ability at PIT with tons of NBA scouts looking on. Reaves could potentially be drafted this year, but if not, his defensive ability will land himself a 2 way contract at the very least we believe.

13. Terance Mann

Terance Mann is one of those guys that does all the little things well. He’ll box out and rebound, play terrific defense, and is unselfish on the offensive end. He’s long and a great athlete, as he proved with his combine performance. If he can become more of a shooting threat, he’s got a chance to be a solid pro.

12. Kerwin Roach Jr.

Athleticism is the thing that catches your eye with Kerwin Roach, but there’s so much more to his game. He’s got a nice floater, has quick feet and cuts passing lanes off well, and has shown the ability to hit off the dribble threes. Roach is a super sleeper in this draft without a doubt.

11. Aric Holman

Aric Holman is a 6’10 big who shot 43% from deep for Mississippi State this past season. He’s not the best rebounder, but can protect the rim adequately. He fits very nicely into the NBA and don’t be surprised if he hears his name on draft night.

10. Eric Paschall

Grant Williams and PJ Washington are some of the favorite high IQ forwards on the market in this draft. An even more underrated player who has a similar archetype? Eric Paschall. He is big, can take opponents off the dribble, defend well, and is a smart player. If he isn’t drafted, he’ll be a steal for an NBA team that acquires him.

9. Bennie Boatwright

Bennie is one of the best shooters in this draft. In a league where stretch bigs are so valuable, Boatwright should receive much attention on draft night in the 2nd round. He’s not nearly as productive off the dribble as he is in pick and pop situations, but that is still so valuable in today’s NBA.

8. Fletcher Magee

Hopefully people have Magee’s performance against Kentucky in the NCAA Tournament out of their minds because he is still one of the best shooters in the country. Scratch that, world. His off-ball movement and ability to hit tough, contorted shots would directly translate to an NBA offense. He’s 100% in consideration for a 2nd Round pick this year.

7. Cody Martin

While Caleb Martin was the more notable twin brother in college because of his scoring prowess, Cody is clearly the better NBA prospect. His ability to defend multiple positions and distribute the ball as a point forward is quite attractive. To top it off, unlike Caleb, Cody has a very pure stroke on his jumper.

6. DaQuan Jeffries

DaQuan Jeffries is tailor made for today’s NBA. Teams are always looking for that one guy that supersedes his perceived value (i.e. PJ Tucker) because he does the little things such as being versatile and showcasing toughness while having a high IQ. He is not a player who theoretically does these things like many players slotted before him, but he does these things now and when pairing his near perfect statistical profile with a 6’5, 220 lbs frame and 7’0 wingspan, it’s a little shocking that many don’t consider him as a draft pick.

5. Zylan Cheatham

Like Kerwin Roach, we are calling Zylan Cheatham a super sleeper. Zylan is an UNBELIEVABLE rebounder for his size and is an outstanding defender. During his one year at Arizona State, while his FT% was quite low, he did happen to shoot 44% from deep (only 25 attempts). His form also suggests that he will turn that FT% mark around. If an NBA team gives him a chance, he won’t make them regret it.

4. Dylan Windler

Windler is an absolutely lethal three point shooter. He can take opponents off the dribble and is a great rebounder as well. He proved during his time at Belmont how valuable he could be for an NBA team. He’ll be selected in this draft without a doubt, most likely in the early 2nd round.

3. Admiral Schofield

Toughness is the word that we like to use for Admiral because it perfectly describes the way he plays the game. He’ll throw it down on you with force at the rim and has no problem locking up defenders on the perimeter. His three point shot is a little shaky at times, but he always seem to come up big in the clutch. We see Admiral as a late 1st round pick, but at the very least he’ll hear his name called on draft night.

2. Matisse Thybulle

Thybulle’s stats are some of the best on the defensive end that we have ever seen in college. He averaged 3.5 steals and over 2 blocks per game for Washington. While his stats are a little skewed because of the zone they played, there is no denying Matisse’s abilities on that end. We’ve heard that the Thunder have made a promise to him so expect Thybulle to be a mid 1st round pick.

1. Cameron Johnson

While Cam Johnson might not be drafted as early as Thybulle, his ability to shoot the rock from deep will have him immediately able to get thrown into an offense in the NBA. A late 1st round pick seems like the realistic spot for him so that he can help a competing team right away with his play.


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