Who are the best shooters in the 2019 NBA Draft?

NBA Draft

(This list has been updated since Killian Tillie, who was ranked 9th previously, decided to return to college.)

Today, we will be looking at who the best shooters in the 2019 NBA Draft are. First, we have to define how we are interpreting who the best shooters are. In our minds, it is some combination of the following:

  • Their shooting form
  • Their stats in college/overseas
  • How they project as a catch and shoot artist


Here is our list, let us know your thoughts.

(Note: 2PTJ% is the percentage that a player shoots on 2-point jump shots, a stat provided by Hoop-Math)


1. Fletcher Magee – Senior G, Wofford

Scouting Report

3PT%: 41.9%

FT%: 91.0%

2PTJ%: 43.0%

TS%: 62.7%

Is it really a surprise that the player with the most threes all time in college is first on our list? Well, it shouldn’t be. He’s one of the best shooters we’ve seen and also one of the best tough shot makers in the basketball world.

2. Tyler Herro – Freshman G, Kentucky

Scouting Report

3PT%: 35.5%

FT%: 93.5%

2PTJ%: 46.9%

TS%: 58.0%

While Tyler Herro’s 3-point percentage isn’t up to par with some of these other guys, his form is fantastic and his unbelievable free throw prowess has us projecting him as an elite three point shooter in the NBA.

3. Cam Johnson – Senior F, North Carolina

Scouting Report

3PT%: 45.7%

FT%: 81.8%

2PTJ%: 41.5%

TS%: 64.6%

One of the purest strokes in all of college basketball, Cam Johnson more than deserves a top 3 spot on this list. While he is older, he has perfected his jumper and has shown the ability to shoot it at an impressively consistent rate.

4. Kyle Guy – Junior G, Virginia

Scouting Report

3PT%: 42.6%

FT%: 83.3%

2PTJ%: 36.6%

TS%: 60.9%

Still a little surprised that Kyle Guy decided to forego his senior season and enter the NBA Draft, but it does make sense given how well he shot in the Tournament. Kyle Guy is a terrific set shooter and the only reason why he didn’t find himself higher on this list is that he isn’t as good off the dribble, or at least hasn’t shown it yet.

5. Dylan Windler – Senior F, Belmont

Scouting Report

3PT%: 42.9%

FT%: 84.7%

2PTJ%: 41.1%

TS%: 68.1%

Dylan Windler has a beautiful stroke and great arc on his shots. It’s very hard to reject one of his shots and even if you get a hand in his face, he has enough composure to make his jumpers.

6. Darius Garland – Freshman G, Vanderbilt

Scouting Report

3PT%: 47.8%

FT%: 75.0 FT%

2PTJ%: 56.2%

TS%: 65.7%

Though we have a very small sample size from Darius Garland, he know doubt deserves to be on this list. We think it’s safe to say that he will be the best shooting point guard out of this draft. He’s got such a silky stroke and already has clear NBA range.

7. Nickeil Alexander-Walker – Sophomore G, Virginia Tech

Scouting Report

3PT%: 37.4%

FT%: 77.8%

2PTJ%: 40.7%

TS%: 58.6%

Nickeil has got a strap on him. While his 3PT% dipped down from his freshman year, NAW is still one of the best shooters we have in this draft.

8. Bol Bol – Freshman C, Oregon

Scouting Report

3PT%: 52.0%

FT%: 75.7%

2PTJ%: 44.6%

TS%: 63.2%

Just like Garland, Bol Bol’s season was unfortunately cut short. Before getting hurt, he was taking the country by storm and showing off that unbelievably great jumper for someone of his size. He might just have one of the best shooting strokes we’ve ever seen from someone who is 6’11+.

9. Deividas Sirvydis – F, BC Lietuvos Rytas

3PT%: 37.0%

FT%: 75.5%

TS%: 59.8%

Sirvydis is the one international prospect we have on this list given how weak this international class is in our eyes. Still, Sirvydis might even be too low on this list, we just haven’t seen him as much as some of the others. But, what we have seen is a player with a smooth stroke who can really pile it on from deep.

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10. Bennie Boatwright – Senior F, USC

3PT%: 42.9%

FT%: 70.2%

2PTJ%: 45.0%

TS%: 60.0%

Bennie Boatwright is an odd player to project. He is SO great at catch and shoot opportunities while his shot severely lacks when he puts the ball down. He’s undoubtedly a fantastic spot up shooter, but his extremely poor shooting off of the dribble has us a little worried on how his shot will translate. With that being said, Bennie Boatwright more than deserves a spot on this list because of just how great he is off the catch.


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