Nets’ D’Angelo Russell Could Join Chicago Bulls Says Writer


D’Angelo Russell & the Chicago Bulls? Chicago writer, Josh M. Hicks checks in with Scoop B Radio to state the case. Press Play Below To Listen!

Could the Chicago Bulls go after D’Angelo Russell in free agency this summer?

Josh M. Hicks, columnist at Regal Radio and contributor to WGN’s Sportsfeed seems to think so!


Appearing on a recent episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, Hicks hints that the Bulls could use Russell if the Brooklyn Nets go after NBA champion point guard, Kyrie Irving.

Check out a portion of our Q&A below:

DeAngelo Russell on the Bulls

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Joshua Hicks had me on his podcast a couple of weeks ago while was in Chicago, trying to do a home in home, but my schedule was crazy busy, I gave him my word, I wanted to be on the podcast because you gave me something interesting that no one else talked about and it’s all speculative before the NBA free agency period begins July 1st, but you mentioned that you could see a situation where the Chicago Bulls could add D’Angelo Russell to their roster.

Josh M. Hicks: Yes I did, I think it’s possible for the Bulls to at least consider grabbing D’Angelo Russell during the offseason, if and only if the Nets make him available, but there’s a lot of dominoes that go into that. You have to, obviously, get a big-time point guard like Kyrie Irving to come to your team, and you don’t want to just keep him, you want to also hope that he brings someone else with him and creates a market, maybe like a Kevin Durant or Jimmy Butler. Fulfill that free agency pool and big all-star splash that the Brooklyn Nets have set themselves up to potentially take in, and if those dominoes come into effect, I don’t see them wanting to trade D’Angelo Russell, at least starting off, I feel like they would probably want to keep him and try to make him play a two-guard position, make him play off the ball because he is capable of doing that, but at the same time, depending on if the Bulls get a top 3 draft pick, maybe even top 2, should the Bulls choose to keep the draft pick, or, let’s just say they do get the number four pick in the draft. It would be a valuable asset to do with Brooklyn, if you want to go based off of needs. The Bulls need a point guard, the Brooklyn Nets need big men, and the best big men in the draft, which, according to, their mock draft, the best player available at number four is Rui Hachimura, a big man from Gonzaga. He has a very valuable offensive skill set for a big man at his size, and pairing him with Jarrett Allen would actually be very good, not just offensively, but defensively, so to cater to those needs, especially when you already have a point guard in Kyrie Irving, who is most likely going to be the point guard of your future, why not at least explore the trade with the Bulls where the Brooklyn Nets can get a top 4 pick and utilize it to get a big man or to fulfill a need within their big man category and the Bulls can get the point guard of the future as a long-term to add to their rebuild.

The Chicago Bulls this season

Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson: Scoop B Radio on the line with the well-prepared Joshua M. Hicks of We Are Regal Radio talking Chicago Bulls and a myriad of other things. What do you make of the Bulls’ season this year?

Josh M. Hicks: The Bulls’ season was very up-and-down, but at the same time, as Bulls fans, we kind of expected that. I think what made the Bulls kind of chaotic was the fact that obviously the Bulls not sticking to the coach that they thought was their coach of the future. They got rid of Fred Hoiberg mid-season, early mid-season at the top of that, and transferred that position over to Jim Boylen, who, starting off the season, really had a rocky start, especially when it comes to developing a relationship with the players. It was very tough to monitor as far as building a rapport with them, and not to mention, you had other things going on, too. Players couldn’t stay healthy, Kris Dunn being very inconsistent, not taking that extra leap to the point guard position that they thought that he was going to take, and possibly the move that they needed to make to have a franchise core player for the rebuild, and now, that hasn’t panned out the way they thought it was going to be. Like I mentioned earlier, Zach Lavine has been injured throughout half of the season, the new players they brought in, Otto Porter Jr, he’s been out, Wendell Carter Jr., big man that we drafted, he was a very big asset for us, but he couldn’t stay healthy, he was hurt. So we had a lot of injuries and coaching changes to where it became a very up-and-down roller coaster type of season, but at the same time, just like we have to view treasures, there’s diamonds in the rough. This is a certain situation where the Bulls kind of have some diamonds in the rough, because of the fact that Zach Lavine actually produced an all-star caliber season, put up some career numbers this year. Lauri Markkanen, a really good future asset as far as the fact that he can be a centerpiece for this franchise, especially in the month of February, he took his level of game to a whole nother level after the All-Star break before suffering that unfortunate health condition that he had to overcome. So there’s some good pieces, and there are some things that the Bulls can get out of this season, but this season already was the trial and error era of a rebuilding team, especially when you have all of your players coming back, like Zach Lavine, to aid this rebuild. Next season’s going to be the key. This offseason’s going to be the key to take the Bulls to the next level and what they do within the offseason is going to determine the future of this team.




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