George Mumford Talks Working With Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, And His Mindfulness Journey

George Mumford

You wouldn’t have known that George Mumford was in The Last Dance unless you’ve done your homework.

Mumford is a sports psychologist and mindfulness coach. He’s also a friend of Phil Jackson. When the Chicago Bulls were at the height of their powers in the 90’s, Jackson brought in his friend Mumford to help the team deal with the stresses of success.

Now, we have the mindfulness guru available as the bonus episode in Soul Talk: Tapping Into The Zone.

Mumford is known for having specifically worked with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in his respective times working with their teams. Former Lakers champion John Celestand made reference to a friend of Phil Jackson’s who came in to teach the team yoga and meditation in the 1999-2000 season.

That man was George Mumford.

With a mantra to pursue excellence and wisdom with grace and ease, Mumford has over 35 years of experience and study in the realm of mindfulness and cognition. He shares how his journey to mindfulness started with a drug addiction.

From there the conversation reaches topics like the focus of Michael and Kobe, the eye of the hurricane, his pursuits of obtaining higher levels of understanding and compassion, and much more.

Tap in below to watch the bonus episode of Soul Talk: Tapping Into The Zone featuring special guest George Mumford.


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