Basketball Society’s Pump-Up Playlist: November


Each month, we will be providing a music playlist for you to use when you are working out, preparing for a game, or just going to shoot around/play some pick-up ball. Here’s a quick shout-out to the people who provided song recommendations to help compile the playlist for this month:

BJ Boyer 

Aram Cannuscio

Chris Cowan (Society Ally)

Morgan Ewert (Society Ally)

We’ve created a playlist for you to download for the month of November on Spotify and Apple Music with the links below. Take a listen and continue to mix ball and music, one of the sweetest combinations out there.


Apple Music Basketball Society November Pump-Up Playlist


Enjoy the music and get ready for another hoop/pump up playlist we will be coming out with for the month of December in a few weeks!


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