Mid-Range Mondays: Sam Cassell

Sam Cassell

With the three ball being so popular and analytics telling you the mid-range jumper is a bad shot, the mid-range game is nearly extinct so the Basketball Society will be bringing you “Mid-Range Mondays” where we highlight players who perfected operating in the mid-range area. Check out last week’s edition that featured Shaun Livingston!

Sam Cassell is a well respected veteran that played in the league for 15 years. A NBA journeyman, Cassell had a solid stat line averaging 15.7 points and 6.0 rebounds per game. He was never the flashy type or the guy that was going to give you tons of highlights but what he did know was how to create space and get his jumper off. Not only was scoring ability his specialty but he did so at such an efficient rate.

Watch and learn Sam Cassell give a quick tutorial on how he created shots in his mid-range game. 

Anything within the three-point line was his game. Cassell had the pull-up jumper, could get his shot off over big defenders, and even post up smaller guards. Athleticism was something that he didn’t have much of, so in order to become a valuable basketball player, he continued to work on his game. His style of play mirrors that of the ‘old head’ from your local park. A guy that knows the game, is full of fundamentals, and can give you buckets when needed. Sam Cassell was one of the great point guards that graced this league. His name may not be discussed in the top players of all-time but his peers were well aware of his capabilities on the court.  



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