Mid-Range Mondays: Shaun Livingston


With the three ball being so popular and analytics telling you the mid-range jumper is a bad shot, the mid-range game is nearly extinct so the Basketball Society will be bringing you “Mid-Range Mondays” where we highlight players who perfected operating in the mid-range area. Check out last week’s edition that featured Richard “Rip” Hamilton!

Shaun Livingston of the Golden State Warriors is our next feature on Mid-Range Mondays. This is a guy who has been through a lot throughout his career but through hard work and dedication he has found his way back. Livingston may not be the quote on quote superstar like we’ve featured in the past but he does fill a role on a great team and does it well.

When it comes to maneuvering in the mid-range area, Livingston is a guy that does that effectively and has done so these past two seasons. He can get his defender on their heels and pull up for a jumper but what he does especially well is use his height to his advantage. The 6’7 point guard can post up smaller defenders and kill them with a nice turn-around jumper. That turn-around fade is so deadly, I’ve been on record numerous times demanding that his fade-away attribute be turned up all the way to 99 on the new NBA 2K17.

What’s even greater about Shaun Livingston is the fact that he knows his game and stays within his limits. You won’t see  him out on the court bombing threes like the rest of his teammates but if he catches that ball within the three point line and he’s given room, you better believe he’s knocking down that shot. Its an unorthodox style compared to how the game is played today but his efficiency combined with his stature makes him a match-up nightmare.

The Cleveland Cavaliers got a bad taste of that during the 2016 NBA Finals. Shaun Livingston had Twitter and the NBA world going crazy as he was torching defenders in Game 1 to help the Golden State Warriors  get a win.


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