To be the best you must be disciplined

Kobe Bryant Discipline

Being disciplined is another one of those attributes that comes with the game of basketball that people often forget about. What does it mean to be disciplined?

via Merriam-Webster:

Training that corrects, molds, or perfects the the mental faculties or moral character.

To be good at anything takes a lot of persistence, determination, and discipline. And to be good at the game of basketball, it takes discipline on and off the basketball court. The infamous coach, Bobby Knight gave his own take on what he thinks discipline means:

Discipline: doing what you have to do, and doing it as well as you possibly can, and doing it that way all the time.” -Sports Illustrated, January 1981

Discipline meaning are you doing everything that it takes to better yourself and your game and doing those things consistently. Are you going to bed on time to insure that your at practice on time? Are you getting in the gym on your off times or getting to the gym early enough before practices and games to put shots up? Are you studying enough film on yourself and your opponents? Are you putting the right foods and substances in your body? This is just a short list of things that a great player must be disciplined in doing. The consistency in eating the right things and putting the extra time in on the court will show in your game and how you perform on the court.

In addition to being disciplined off the court, a great player is also disciplined on the court. Playing within a system, being where you need to be defensively, and just staying true to the fundamentals of the game. True basketball heads pay attention to all the little nuances of the game. Despite what level of the game you’re playing at, people who know the game can tell whether you’re a disciplined player or not and that plays a huge factor.

Becoming great at this game we all love takes a lot of work, effort, and discipline. But those that love it the most and want it the most will come out on top.



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