Inside the Move: No-dribble between the legs


An in-depth look at the Society’s Move of the Week

This weeks move is a saucy variation of a jab-step that includes a no-dribble between the legs. Why set-up your defender with a basic jab when you could do it with style. The move can be used as a jab or simply as a first step just to throw the defender off. The options with this move are endless but the goal remains the same and that’s to create separation.

Keys to the Move

  • Put the ball down first. After performing the between the legs, that ball must go down before taking that first step forward or the whistle will be blown.
  • Control the rock. The last thing you want to do is lose the ball when doing this move. Be strong with the ball and remain balanced.
  • Be creative. This is a move that you can have a lot of fun with. Be creative, get saucy, and have fun making your defender look silly.

The no dribble between the legs adds some style points to your game. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of flashiness as long as it’s effective. Bringing the ball out and going between the legs can allude your defender into thinking he can reach for the ball. That will have your defender going one way as you go the other way down an open lane to the basket to either get a bucket or create an opportunity for your teammate.

Its a rare but super dope move. Something that will get you buckets and have the crowd talking at the same time. The no-dribble between the legs is so creative, even NBA 2k16 picked it up and featured it in their list of moves. Check out this video via DJ_Franco8 showing his character pulling off the move into a jumper. 


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