Mark Cuban says not one Mav will average over 20 points per game


Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban is the biggest Dallas Mavericks fan in the world, no question. As the owner of the team, he wants nothing more than for them to win a championship. In an interview with Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News, Cuban made the comment that he doesn’t see any Maverick averaging over 20 points per game this season:

I’m not expecting anybody on our team to be a 20-point scorer. Not Dirk. I don’t want him to be a 20-point scorer. Seriously. Monta Ellis has that capability. Tyson Chandler has that capability. Dirk has that capability. Richard Jefferson’s got that capability. Jameer Nelson could score 15. Raymond Felton could do 15, if that was the focus, but that’s not our focus.

That’s the cool thing. There are going to be times when we overpass. And that will be one of the challenges that Rick [Carlisle] has, that some guys are too unselfish.

Surely all Cuban wants is the best for his team. It will be intriguing to see this year how Dallas will split up their scoring. With the signing of Chandler Parsons and the addition of Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton in a trade with the Knicks, the Mavericks definitely have a lot of players who can each score a good amount of points per game. The simple fact of the matter is that the Mavs have too many players who are unselfish, as Cuban points out, and they are all here for one purpose, to win a championship. Dallas certainly has the capability to be relevant in the West Conference and might be one of the teams that slips under the radar and makes a shocking championship run as they did in 2011.

Last year, Dallas had one 20 point scorer in Dirk Nowitzki who averaged 21.7 PPG. Monta Ellis was right around 20 points per game the entire season and at a point was leading Dallas, but finished with just under 20 at 19.0 PPG.



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