Stephen Curry erupts for new career-high 62 points as Twitter reacts

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry reminded us what he can do to social media when he decides to turn things up. He went off for a new career-high 62 points on Sunday night, leading the Golden State Warriors in a win at home against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Curry shot 18-for-31 from the field and hit eight of his 16 three-pointers. He added 18 free throws out of 19 attempts.

He outscored Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum who finished with a combined 60 points in the game.

This is the first individual scoring game over 50 points in the NBA so far this season.

Curry has been the topic of TV and Twitter debate as of late. NBA veteran Channing Frye made a comment on Dubs Talk about this season being a defining moment for Curry’s legacy.

“He’s had the same compadres, the three amigos, for what is this now, six, seven years now?” Frye said. “Maybe longer than that. Right? So, Bron has never had a teammate for more than four years, other than James Jones. For me, Steph doesn’t need anybody’s acknowledgment, not a player, not a fan, not a [member of the] media. He’s a two-time MVP, he’s the best shooter in the history of the NBA, he’s a three-time champion. He has all the accolades he needs. I think all he needs to do now is to continue to show that he’s a winner even when situations aren’t right.”

The debate continued throughout social media as fans wonder what Curry can do to lead these Warriors successfully without his star running mate Klay Thompson, who was one of many NBA-ers reacting to Curry’s historic performance Sunday night on Twitter.

Curry joins Klay Thompson as the only Warriors players to score over 55 points in the last 30 seasons.

He also joined Kobe Bryant as the only players since 1996-97 to score over 30 points in each half of a game. It’s the most points scored by a Warriors player since Rick Barry scored 64 points in 1974.


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