Kylie Favours thought basketball was only for boys until she saw Skylar Diggins play

Kylie Favours

Rutgers Prep senior guard Kylie Favours didn’t think basketball was for girls until around the fourth grade.

Her dad put on a Notre Dame women’s basketball game and she watched Skylar Diggins, “a pretty baller”, who inspired her to pick up the sport. Diggins is still her favorite player to this day.

Kylie is the latest guest on Protect Our Queens, which starts with a recap of her experience as the star of the Protect Our Queens commercial last year.

It was so much fun… I didn’t realize how like being in front of a camera, being recorded… I don’t know how to like put all my energy into it.. Yeah I was nervous.

Kylie also talks about her strong relationship with her future coach, Kia Damon, at Lafayette and how that influenced her decision to commit there.

One of the reasons I chose Lafayette was my relationship with her. I had one of the strongest coach relationships with her. Just overall academically and athletically I knew Lafayette was strong in both, so it was a no-brainer, I’m really excited to play there.

She names two of her toughest players to guard in New Jersey, where she says is “top two but not two” when it comes to talent nationally.

Kylie knows plenty about the competition in New Jersey. Along with her teammate and Villanova commit Christina Dalce and one of the more talented rosters in the state, Rutgers Prep made a dominant run at the Somerset County Championship last season. Kylie scored 250 points in her junior season.

We talk to Kylie about what she listens to before games, if she can beat her dad 1-on-1 (which started with an eye-roll reaction), having cousins in the NFL, and more.

Check out Kylie’s full Protect Our Queens interview below.


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