James Harden Traded to Brooklyn Nets: How does he change their ceiling?

James Harden

The Brooklyn Nets have become the NBA’s new super team after trading for James Harden on Wednesday.

Harden made his initial trade request back in November with Brooklyn as his lead choice.

Last night became the tipping point. After a loss to the Lakers, Harden spoke out about his dissatisfaction with the team, hinting that this was clearly the end of the road for him in Houston.

After some backlash from Rockets players John Wall and DeMarcus Cousins in response, the Woj bell was rung and Harden officially became a member of the Eastern Conference.

The three-time NBA scoring champion spent eight seasons in Houston after playing alongside Durant and Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City.

The big question mark now is Kyrie Irving.

Irving has not been with the team as of late due to personal reasons. Some are beginning to question if his presence this season and beyond is something the Nets will be able to count on.

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith hinted at retirement for Irving if he’s not in the frame of mind to play.

A few weeks ago Kendrick Perkins suggested that Brooklyn offer up Irving straight up in trying to acquire Harden. But their intention was to execute the deal without having to give up Irving.

This trade has to create some relief in that sense, acquiring another one of the league’s elite lead guards while Irving makes his way back.

The chemistry questions are there with or without Irving. Harden and Durant have experience playing together but not at the height of each other’s powers. Still, their chemistry correlating with Durant and Irving’s, which is still in its infancy, will be the most important factor.

The Brooklyn Nets are 6-6 at seventh place in the Eastern Conference. How does James Harden change their ceiling? Could they be good enough to win a title without Kyrie?

Watch our conversation below.


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