How the James Harden trade impacts Kyrie Irving for the Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving

It was a definitive “yes” from NBA columnist Brandon Scoop B’ Robinson when asked if he thinks Kyrie Irving wants to play with James Harden.

For now, it’s just not that simple. Celebrating the acquisition might be somewhat on hold until the Brooklyn Nets know exactly what’s happening with Irving.

The Nets All-Star point guard hasn’t seen the floor in a little over a week due to personal reasons. He sat out the first of five consecutive games the day after the U.S. Capitol attack in Washington, D.C. last week.

NBA columnist Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson talked with me about his observations around the trade.

The good thing about that situation is Kevin having prior experience playing alongside James in Oklahoma.

In terms of where Brooklyn stacks up in the East, Brandon says it’s still a need to respect the reigning conference champion Miami Heat. He emphasizes that the Nets were expected to be “in the mix” even before acquiring Harden.

But their new ceiling with Harden now depends on the presence of Irving. His reported frustrations with the Brooklyn Nets gain traction through his continued absence.

His thoughts on the alleged tension between Irving and Nets head coach Steve Nash:

I do think that often times, players who play the same position as their coach did, clash…

(Nash) may not be the smartest person in the world, but because he has smart people around him it makes him look better… But also he listens…

and in his personal life, Kyrie Irving to me is the same way… He surrounds himself around smarter people… He has the ability to listen.

On the possibility of an early retirement for Kyrie:

I’m not sure… i think that it’s easy to point the finger at somebody who’s misunderstood.

Brandon also addressed the reports around Irving’s recent appearance at his sister’s 30th birthday party, which is now being investigated by the NBA for potentially violating COVID-19 protocols.

Watch the full conversation below.


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