Shake Milton for Sixth Man of the Year | The Atlantic Files Ep169

Shake Milton

The NBA season is very young, but that means it’s time to make outlandish predictions based on only a couple games. Kevin Durant is looking like an MVP, Shake Milton is looking like the Sixth Man of the Year, and some teams look like they’re going to coast for a while.

The Brooklyn Nets opened up the NBA season with an absolute dominating performance. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving turned the Nets into the team that was previously advertised. They destroyed the Warriors while Durant and Irving didn’t even need to play the entire fourth quarter.

A couple teams are looking pretty similar to their trajectories from last season. The Celtics and Sixers both are looking like very solid contenders, but they have to prove their worth come playoff time.

One surprising outcome was the Toronto Raptors opening game. While they still looked like a good team, they didn’t look like the same top Eastern Conference team that they looked like last season. They’ll be one to monitor this season.

Finally, we have the Knicks just being the Knicks. That’s alright though. Knicks fans the future of the Knicks need them to do just that.

All of that and more on the latest episode below!

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