Kyle Korver Suffers Broken Nose In Win Over Lakers


Indiana Pacers v Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks were resting three out of their four All-Star players on Sunday Night versus the Lakers. Kyle Korver was not one of them. Korver had only played ten minutes of the game before suffering a broken nose. It was a freak accident for Korver when he ran into the shoulder of Ed Davis during the second quarter.

Korver would not return, and the Atlanta Hawks’ Twitter account tweeted out the diagnosis during the game,

Korver was already scheduled to rest tonight anyway, which is good news for the Hawks. He is now in question for a big game on Wednesday against the Golden State Warriors. Korver was and is still very close to the 50/50/90 shooting record. He is averaging 50.1% from 3 point land, 49.6% from the field, and 90.2% from the line.


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