#MJMondays: From Mike to Michael (Video)


In lieu of the NCAA Tournament starting this week, we took the time out to commemorate the first iconic moment in the illustrious career of one Michael Jeffrey Jordan. With North Carolina down 1 to Georgetown with 17 seconds left on the clock in the 1982 NCAA Championship game, “Mike” Jordan knocked down the shot that would make him a North Carolina Legend. Little did he or the world know that in that very moment Jordan’s basketball career would take a life of its own. Within 3 years Jordan would cement himself as a National Player of the Year, helped along the way by his freakish athleticism. The flashy drives, jaw-dropping dunks told only part of his story… His story however, all started with a silky smooth jump shot for the win. Oh… This wouldn’t be the last time Michael Jordan would torment Patrick Ewing, it was simply the first.



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