Eric Paschall needs to step it up for Villanova

Eric Paschall

Eric Paschall is the clear leader of this new look Villanova Wildcats team. They’ve lost Jalen Brunson, Donte DiVincenzo, Omari Spellman, and Mikal (Good call Vuhoops) from last year’s team and have struggled to find their groove early on in the season with them now gone.

Villanova is 5-2 on the young season with a huge loss to Michigan and a bad loss to Furman. (Furman happens to be 7-0 now we should note though) Nova is coming off of 3 much needed wins including one big one against a good looking Florida State team. Even with this recent success, Paschall is still not producing to the quality that we’ve expected.

Outside of the Oklahoma State game, where Paschall had shot 6-10 from deep, Eric Paschall is shooting 16% from the 3-point line. For a senior who shot 36% from deep last year, it’s just simply an unacceptable mark. He’s also shooting 63.6% at the rim which isn’t a terrible mark, but should be a lot higher given his size and strength.

Eric Paschall is a vet at this point. He’s smart, talented, and just in a little slump. He’ll turn it around and he’s absolutely going to need to if Nova is going to have any chance of making a run for back to back titles this year. That looks like such a far-fetched goal at this point, though, since they don’t even look like one of the better teams in the Big East.

All of the young guns on the Villanova team like Jahvon Quinerly need leadership. Paschall has proven to be a good leader, but what he needs to do is start leading in terms of production on the court for this Villanova team to return to their former glory.


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