Dirk Nowitzki working on his release



Dirk Nowitzki

This offseason, Dirk Nowitzki has been working on his release with longtime friend and trainer, Holger Geschwindner. Dirk’s release is known to be slow but very effective for the 36 year old future hall of famer. Dirk is now entering his 17th year in the NBA and is still trying to improve his shot:

Even now, I’m 36, but I don’t see myself as a complete basketball player. It’s always about getting better and adding stuff in the summer. That’s something I wanted to look at and see how it goes, so I’ll try it.

Geschwindner believes that Nowitzki should continue to add one move or trick to his repertoire each offseason. This year he has worked on Dirk’s release. The toughest part will get Nowitzki to stick with it as he has had the same iconic release since he was a young child. Dirk indicates that we shouldn’t expect any noticeable difference from his shot even though he is working on changing it:

I don’t think, to the naked eye, you would see it. I don’t know if the [average] fan will see the difference. But I’m always trying to get better, and this is just a little tool for me to shoot a little quicker. We’ll see how it works during the season.

Only time will tell whether Dirk’s change in his release will affect his performance. We will find out soon as the Mavericks play their first regular season game against the Spurs in San Antonio on October 28th.


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