The Atlantic Files Ep136: Brooklyn Nets year in review

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Next up in the Year in Review series is none other than the Brooklyn Nets! One team that went from the deepest depths of the basement to looking like a championship contender with two superstars in just one off-season. The Nets were a lovable loser in the last couple seasons, but now it’s time to shine.

Last year, we saw the emergence of D’Angelo Russell, Spencer Dinwiddie, and Caris LeVert. All three of them were talked about amongst the up-and-coming talent in the league, and they carried the Nets to a sixth seed in the Eastern Conference. Russell, unfortunately, became a victim of the big signings in Brooklyn and is headed to Golden State now.

Mike, Alex, and friend of the pod, Dennis Clausen of Rotoballer, talk about the season that was and look ahead to a big season coming in Brooklyn.

Topic Rundown:

1:54 – Initial thoughts of last season

6:20 – Did you think these big off-season moves would happen?

9:12 – Kyrie Irving over Russell, no debate

12:00 – DLo now mature?

16:00 – Should Kevin Durant come back this season?

20:00 – Nets the most talented in Atlantic?

21:30 – Sixers overrated, no competition for Nets

24:10 – Nets Predictions, wins over/under

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