The Atlantic Files Ep135: Boston Celtics year in review

The Atlantic Files
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Last season, the Boston Celtics took third in the Atlantic Division during a season in which they were expected to do much bigger things. This week’s year in review is none other than the boys up in Beantown.

Kyrie Irving said at one point that he was going to stay in Boston, Gordon Hayward showed flashes of his old self pre-injury, and the young guns continued to grow. This was shaping up to be a great season. Then all of Kyrie’s free agency drama hit, Hayward wasn’t showing that many flashes and the young guns couldn’t carry the team the whole way.

This left the Celtics losing in the second round of the NBA Playoffs against a strong Milwaukee Bucks team. Ending their season there is quite the opposite of what everyone was expecting. So, Alex and Mike take a look at the season that was and hand out grades and look ahead to a Kyrie and Horford-less team.

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