The Atlantic Files Ep133: Toronto Raptors year in review

The Atlantic Files
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NBA Champions. A title that the Toronto Raptors are wearing with pride even if their Finals MVP has now moved across the continent.

That being said, one can’t deny that this season was an overall success for the Canadian franchise. They took down the dynasty from the Bay and were rewarded for making a bold move in shipping off DeMar DeRozan last off-season.

What does the road ahead look like after that move though? How does this team build on what they are left with? The big task at hand is figuring out whether they can re-tool or if they need to rebuild. Mike and Alex give their thoughts on the season that was and peek ahead to what might be for the Raptors.

Topic Rundown:

1:51 – Raptors season an overall success

6:20 – What happens with the current roster

8:00 – Denying the trade with Oklahoma City

14:15 – Mysteries behind their plan moving forward

15:45 – Pascal Siakam’s time to shine

19:50 – Chris Boucher breakout season

22:45 – Could Toronto be the Clippers of the East

27:00 – Free Agency chances

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