Tank You – NBA Draft Podcast Ep 10 – The Rich Paul Rule

Rich Paul Rule

We are a few months removed from the NBA Draft now, and the NCAA is making changes that will affect what agents will be able to represent players who are declaring for the draft. The public is dubbing this the ‘Rich Paul Rule’.

For those of you who don’t know who Rich Paul is, he is one of the biggest agents in basketball and LeBron’s longtime friend. He didn’t go to college, but founded the Klutch Sports Group that represents a good chunk of NBA athletes just about 7 years ago. He’s one of the most intelligent agents in the business.

Now, back to the NCAA rule. These were the details regarding it:

Pretty suspicious, right?

Pat McMahon and Aram Cannuscio dive into this new rule on this week’s episode, explain why it directly relates to Rich Paul, and why the NCAA might be targeting him. (Hint: It probably has something to do with Darius Bazley)

You can listen to the full episode here:

On next week’s episode, Pat and Aram will be discussing their favorite returning men’s college players and beginning to highlight the best in the upcoming freshman class.

We are still months away from the beginning of the college season, but the Tank You NBA Draft Podcast will continue to provide you with episodes!


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