The Atlantic Files Ep128: Pascal Siakam Finals MVP

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The NBA Finals are finally here and Pascal Siakam is ready to take on the Golden State Warriors! Well, so are Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors, but the real star is Siakam, right? One person on the podcast this week seems to think so at least.

Join Mike, Alex, and the Southeast Division Correspondent, Brad Haider, as they preview the NBA Finals matchup between the Raptors and Warriors, touch on free agency, and give their predictions to who will take home the trophy this year.

Topic Rundown:

1:35 – Preview of the Finals and initial thoughts

5:30 – Can Kawhi keep up his high level of play?

7:45 – Would Toronto be invited to the White House if they win?

9:20 – Marc Gasol needs to step up

12:00 – Toronto needs to make Golden State adjust

15:45 – Series predictions

17:00 – DeMarcus Cousins may come back, does it help or hurt?

19:45 – Free agency talk, could the Brooklyn Nets trade for Anthony Davis?

21:15 – What would a Brooklyn trade for AD look like?

23:30 – Where will Kevin Durant end up?

26:45 – Free agents buying homes in different cities

29:00 – Chris Paul getting shipped out of Houston?

31:15 – Who wins Finals MVP?

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