The Atlantic Files Episode 104: New Orleans Pelicans look like a real threat

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Mike and Alex are joined again this week by Wahaj of the Back to the Basket Podcast! This week, the guys talk about the biggest surprises, biggest disappointments, small sample sizes, and old school teams that would thrive in this era of basketball.

The New Orleans Pelicans happened to be a hot topic in biggest surprises, and it’s not really a surprise as to why. They have been dominating teams, and guys such as Nikola Mirotic, Elfrid Payton, and Julius Randle have all been playing higher than the expectations. They seem to have continued from where they left off in that Portland series last year, and we’re excited to see if they can continue!

“Pelicans look like a real threat out West…I think the Pelicans might even finish top-three or top-four when it’s all said and done.” – Wahaj

When talking about disappointments, however, Mike brought up the Boston Celtics. They haven’t exactly looked like the dominant team that everyone expected when you take away the game against the Philadelphia 76ers. The offense has struggled mightily at times, and the defense is not at the level that it was in the playoffs last year. Jaylen Brown hasn’t quite found his spot yet, and Gordon Hayward still needs some time to return to the level he’s used to playing.

Finally, the guys talk a little about the Harris-McConnell Cup, which is the official Atlantic Files fantasy league. Wahaj is set to face off against the Atlantic Files team next week which should be an interesting matchup. Also, after Mike played NBA 2k19 with one of the old New Jersey Nets teams, he raised the question, “Which older teams would be suited to play in today’s era?” Let us know what you think on Twitter!


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