The Atlantic Files Episode 100: Wait, 100 episodes?!

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Episode 100 is actually here! Thank you to everyone who has supported and listened to the show thus far! This week, Alex and Mike take a look at the Pacific Division while continuing the Looking Around the League series.

One team is an absolute given in the Pacific and it’s not the one with LeBron James. The Golden State Warriors now have All-Stars at all five positions in their starting five when DeMarcus Cousins comes back from his Achilles injury. This doesn’t mean that Alex and Mike think the Los Angeles Lakers will miss the playoffs though. If LeBron is on your team, you won’t be a lottery team. However, the meme team doesn’t seem to be equipped to win a ring just yet.

The Los Angeles Clippers are in a sort of limbo right between tanking and competing. Of course, the team is going to say they’re competing, but when your lead players are Lou Williams and Tobias Harris, it seems as though it could be the opposite.

Finally, the two full-fledged tankers are on the way back up. The Sacramento Kings and Phoenix Suns added some serious talent in the draft, and their young guys have another year under their belts. Which rebuilding team will catapult to a higher tier first?

Again, we would like to thank everyone who has listened to the show over the years. Our first episode debuted in 2014 and it still feels like a dream that we continue to record and talk about the sport we love to this day. The Atlantic Division has had quite the growth since this show first started and we’re thrilled to continue to grow with it!


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