The Atlantic Files Episode 98: Southeast Division Predictions

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Alex Fischbein and Mike Bash are back to continue the Looking Around the League series on The Atlantic Files. The next division on the docket is the Southeast Division. Last season, this division ended up being the worst one record-wise in the Eastern Conference, and the guys seem to be predicting much of the same this year.

John Wall looks to have a healthy season for the Washington Wizards as they also acquire the services of Dwight Howard in place of Marcin Gortat. They have yet to get over the hump while the duo of Wall and Bradley Beal lead the team. Mike and Alex have some faith in them, but will it be enough for them to do some damage come playoff time?

The Miami Heat and the Charlotte Hornets are both in a sort of limbo. Miami’s best player hasn’t re-signed but is also contemplating retirement. The Hornets best player most likely is going to be traded soon if this core can’t get it done. Both teams do have the potential to be playoff teams, but the guys aren’t sure about much else.

Finally, there are the Orlando Magic and Atlanta Hawks. Both are very young teams but at different stages of their rebuild. The Magic seem like they have been rebuilding for a decade, but after getting what they hope is a franchise big man again, they may finally break through soon and make the playoffs. Atlanta, on the other hand, will have a few years before playoffs are realistic. A new core through the draft and a new head coach will try to bring some hope to ATL.


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